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Hi I am Steve. I created this website to share with you my struggle with fatigue and sleep disorder. Through this I discovered many diseases and conditions can be cured if you have good qualities sleep. Likewise, many health issues lead to poor sleep. This is why my site is named cure4sleep.com

As I have been doing more and more researches, I found out how most diseases we are facing are interconnected. The same cures appear over and over again. What cure candida overgrowth also helps urinal tract infection and insomnia. Similarly, what helps ADHD also treats Chronic fatigue. 

If we are left to the mercy of the watered down advice from the medical industry and mainstream media, we will never have a clue. Taking care of your health and healing of most diseases come down to the same remedies. It follows the Pareto Principle, which means 20% of the remedies cure, or prevent 80% of the diseases and disorders. It can be quite simple.

To start, let's learn how to sleep again, it will lead to easy weight loss, hormonal balance, and reversal of many health issues. 

As for me? I took my time and working this site is my recovery vocation. As I found and shared what I learned I am sleeping better and are my way to reverse all the damages to my health due to my lack of knowledge and carelessness from before. 

Here is my story: I have been dealing with chronic fatigues for years. I have lost many opportunities due to my low energy level. You tend to get fired if you dose off at work. Everywhere I went I ran into a dead end. Finally I had had enough with my broken dreams, and decided to put an end to it. This is why this site was born. 

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