Breaking sugar addiction

I never knew that to stop eating sugar would be so hard for me. Even if I didn't add white sugar into my drinks, I would "accidentally" consume foods or juice that contained hidden carbohydrates. Foods that I thought were healthy, such as protein bars, are extremely sugary. Fruits such as bananas are almost as bad as candy even though they contains nutrients, but the high sugar content of a banana still does damage to my body, such as feeding candida in my gut

Yes, bananas can be bad if you eat more than half of a whole banana within hours. In fact, most fruits was bred to be way too sweet for us. Fruit used to be much less sugary.

If you are like me and like most people, you probably consume much more sugar than you are aware of, because sugar cravings are devious. 

Unfortunately, our brains are evolved to get as much sugar as possible because carbohydrates used to be scarce in nature. Many diseases in modern days are caused by eating too much sugar. 

To cure common ailments such as insomnia, pains, autoimmune diseases, or mental illnesses, one crucial step is to reduce sugar intake, because sugar causes inflammation.  

This year (2016), I finally ended my sugar addiction, after having failed to do so for many years. 

So how did I finally break my sugar addiction? Here is what I found. 

Sleep better

Get the recommended 8 hours of sleep (roughly), and you will avoid extra sugar cravings caused by sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation stimulates the release of appetite hormones, which causes you to eat more. 

On the other hand, if you keep your blood sugar level stable, you will sleep better. It is a virtue cycle. 

If you are not already a good sleeper, you can lose weight simply by improving your sleep

I have rarely gained weight my whole life. Usually my weight stayed at 169 lbs. One year I got so busy and slept very little and suddenly I got a "spare tire" in my waist and had gained 15 lbs. It took me a couple of years of trying to lose it, before I fixed my sleep and lost the weight. 

Protein and fat

Protein and fat don't make you fat. Sugar makes you fat. Even amino acids (can be absorbed from protein) and fat in supplement form help reduce sugar cravings. If you have a busy schedule and don't usually cook, taking amino acids (see below) and omega fats (fish oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, etc) will curb sugar cravings and desire for junk foods. 

It is important to eat protein and fat for every meal, regularly, on time, for us to stay healthy, sleep well, and stay slim. 

Apple cider vinegar Reviews: 

"My craving for junk food has disappeared. I eat less when I do eat. It feels nice to not having to deal with the intense craving for sweet all the time." 

"Gals, you know how it feels to have "fat days". The moment when we look in the mirror and feel bloated and gross. I don't feel this gross bad feeling anymore when I get APV. "

"I read of some studies with great results. ACV coats the stomach and prevent spiking of blood sugar. Dr. OZ said good things about it too. It stops craving. I put it on salad and it makes me eat even less. I get a tea spoon of it in between meals or eat it on a salad. It really does work. "


Sugar addiction comes from the gut. When your gut is healthy with good bacteria, you have a much easier time desiring good food and abstaining from bad food. When your gut is filled with bad flora, you crave sugar and junk food. 

I had repeatedly failed to stop myself from eating high carbs and sugary food for many years until I started eating pickled food and yogurts. It is amazing how a gourmet pickle satisfies my unrelenting hunger at a deep level. Turns out pickles and yogurts give you healthy gut flora. For people who don't like the taste of pickles or yogurt, you may try probiotics for the same effect. 

"I've recently heard about probiotic. I had started taking OCT probiotic but it did nothing to my problems with bloating and constipation. I have been taking this (Dr. Tobias) for about a month and started noticing weight loss, less hunger, less craving, and improvement with constipation. I couldn't believe it actually works." 

"I had two bottles already and won't stop purchasing. The change is amazing. I dropped weight quickly after started using it, because I have so much less cravings for the bad foods, less hunger, and feel less bloated. This will be a permanent routine for me everyday"

Candida Cleanse

"In only two weeks, the effect is obvious. My midsection bloating has gone away, along with my old craving for sweets and carbs. I'm cautious but optimistic that my digestive problems will improve. Thank you!" 

"I love this so much that I told my mom and husband about it. My mouth feel so clean after 3 days. In 2 weeks, my gut feels better. The amazing thing is that my sugar cravings are completely gone. Candida destroyed" 


Amazon Reviews:

"My doctor recommended Chromium to me because of my trouble with regulating blood sugar level. In just one week, I noticed a difference in energy level. I don't feel the extreme tiredness or sugar crash after eating foods. My craving for sweet stuff has reduced as well."  

"I used to crave things full of sugar. This supplement changed the way I eat. In the first month I have dropped 12 pounds and have no difficulty in keeping it off." 

Acetyl l-carnitine

"I think this caused my recent weight loss. It curbs my sugar and carb craving when I was changing my diet"

"I have CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Disfunction) and I gained 40lbs with a healthy diet and regular exercise. After I was diagnosed I was put on a diet plan similar to the Paleo or Whole30, which regulates the severe metabolic disorder. I bought Acetyl L-Carnitine after hearing about Dr. Teitelbaum of "Fatigued to Fantastic" fame for CFIDS patients who are trying to lose weight. It has helped me to lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks." 

"My energy doubled in only a week. I no longer crave coffee in the morning and my daily 2 to 3 glasses of wine in the evening. It saves me money and I am happy with my energy level. My mental focus also improved so I will be a regular returning customer." 


"I've heard about it from Dr. Oz several times and became curious. First thing I noticed after taking it was less sugar craving and sleep like a dream. My friend took some and got the same benefits" 


"It has decreased my stress and anxiety. I feel so much happier, better, and enthusiastic. It seems to change my brain chemistry which helps moderate all symptoms. I am able to sleep for 8 continuous hours and feel energetic the next day all day. It also reduces my appetite and cravings. So far I have lost 7 pounds already and I feel much better with premenstrual symptoms such as bloating, water retention, irritability and all that. "

"It does similar job as 5 HTP sans the nausea- better mood, less cravings, better sleep. It makes you a little sleepy so takes it in the evening. 

5 htp

"My appetite is greatly reduced. I don't need sugar as much as I used to. When my monthly cycle started last time I was surprised because there were no horrible PMS and no symptoms whatsoever. I have better sleep and less anxiety. "

"I bought this originally for my intense love for sweets and digestive problems. This product has exceed my expectation. Not only did it help with those issues but it also helped decreased my PMS symptoms. My sleep quality is much better" 


"I take L-glutamine regularly to curbs my sugar cravings. I mixed the powder with my shakes and juices"

"I used to have ongoing, non stop craving for sweets. I don't crave sugar as much now. Its interesting that when you under the effect of this supplement the sweets don't taste nearly as good." 

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