Natural remedies for stress

Stress comes from multiple places. It is the ultimate obstacle to healing and the number one reason behind most health problems. It causes inflammation, sleep problems, and other symptoms such as adrenal fatigue, insomnia, pain, teeth grinding, hormonal unbalance, and eventually lead to progressively worse conditions. 

To avoid stress, make sure you are not:

The following are direct counter to stressors, according to real users experience: users reviews: 

"This stuff tastes great and refreshing. It helps with stress and moods, even PMS. The beast is tamed"  -luvdrinkinh2o

"Hubby and I are taking this to prepare for making a new baby next year. Our blood sugar and energy level have become more normal. Our skin has cleared up within days and looks more healthy. I feel like I am able to focus more and stress doesn't feel as intense as before, probably due to the good fatty acids for my brain

In a nutshell, cod liver oil is the multivitamin you need if you have a healthy and nourishing diet." -Anowyn

"I was prescribed with 50mg of Zoloft, 74 mg of Wellbutrin, but I wanted to be free of drugs. So I've been looking for natural alternative and found this. For the last few weeks, my husband has been telling me that I become happier and less stressed. 

Unlike prescriptions it doesn't build up in your body, so you have to take it everyday, especially for someone like me, who has chronic depression and anxiety, or the bad feelings will creep back in quickly. 

This brand is AMAZING. So cheap and effective." -Mobiusbox

"5-HTP is a life saver. When I get stressed out, it often triggers anxiety and panic attacks. I want something natural instead of prescription to help alleviate the symptoms. I have been taking this for 2 months and it helped to regulate my mood and prevent anxiety. Now I keep a bottle on me to combat stress as needed. It kicks in immediately." -Eli Batyz

"I have waited for a while before posting this review. This is effective and quick. The effect is instantly felt within 15 minutes of taking a capsule. I felt so calm so quick. As a mother of two autistic children ages 4 and 6 I'm constantly stressed.

Gaba never did relax me enough to sleep through the night, but it is a good start. After a week I sort of got used to the peaceful feeling, and the nervous tension that I've had since I was 4 yo (now 35) has been gone. For over 30 years I've suffered from anxiety attacks due to an abusive childhood and stressful environment. Prescribed medication didn't work, or only worked for a week and stopped. Gaba has been different. After finishing a bottle it's still working.

I can't explain enough to you the feeling of going out in public without anxiety. 

Its natural substance so it doesn't hurt to try. The only way to know if it works for you is to try." -Amp2796

"I have been using GABA about 4 years and I can't even describe how good it has been for me. I take 2 caps a day and I've gone from stressing out about the tiniest thing to be generally calm. My husband and 2 kids are thankful, and so do I. They actually remind me to take GABA just in case I didn't. My husband told me I had gotten much better with dealing with stressful situations. Totally recommend!" -Keylander

"This magnesium oil has been such a big help to me as I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Every time I feel panic and stress I spray it on my abdomen and rub it in. I've also used it for oral hygiene. I spray it onto my toothbrush and it stop bleeding gums from bleeding. My gum no longer bleed thanks to this. " -Kayana

"I love it! I use it when feeling stressed or needing battling insomnia. I spray over my legs and shoulders and back. I feel a big difference when I don't use it (anxiety, tension, and insomnia) like others have reported. " -Art Chong 

"I don't know what it was but I could feel the difference with these vitamins, such as more energy and less stress/anxiety. I initially bought it because I read several articles about stress that comes from vitamin B deficiency. Somehow vitamin B is necessary to keep the chemicals in the brain more stable, and therefore, you are more able to handle stress.

My personal experience confirmed it to be true. I found myself handling stress a lot better. I was just promoted recently, and the new position came with a lot more pressure. I was constantly stressed already even before the promotion and sometimes depressed because I couldn't seem to handle it. Vitamin B proved to be my miracle.

It somehow helped me with acne too. Maybe it was because of reduced stress. I like the many positive effects so even though its expensive its worth it." -Victor Villa

"This mat is great. I have less stress, my sleep has improved, and I have lost weight, probably due to less inflammation. My aches, pains, and brain fog also have decreased. I sleep on it all night with part of my body touching it. I had some doubts before but tried it anyway and I have never looked back" -Spumonidoesntlooklikethis

"Four days into using this mat: I felt something. I got up and cleaned my disastrous room, vacuumed, and did all laundry and folded them and shelved them. Suddenly I noticed I was actually enjoying this. People who enjoy working out must be feeling what I felt. I didn't feel tired and forcing myself to do the chore. I felt the vitality I used to feel in my 20s. I cannot tell you how happy I am. I had failed treadmill stress test because I couldn't do any physical taxing exercise for more than 30 minutes without getting dizzy and sick. But today I actually worked hard and felt good about it. 

I have fibromyalgia, fatigue, and depression, and overheat very easily over any physical exertion, for several decades. I am disabled by chronic depression and medications have only been keeping me barely sad rather than dysfunctionally sad. My breathing is bad; my lungs are in bad shape. My sister died of COPD when she was my age. I have pains everywhere when touched; I could only tolerate loose clothing; and my face has been puffy and looked sick all the time. Since I started earthing, the pains have reduced, the puffiness is going down, and my complexion is getting healthier (more pink). I breath a little better too. I cannot believe it to be just a New Age scam or placebo effect. It has to be much more. " -Diane Kistner

"I have noticed many benefits in the three weeks since I started taking it. The ginseng is excellent in quality and fresh. I can't say enough about how good it is. 

Pros: Better sleep, better mood, very hard erections, more stress resistant, better athletic performance, more focus. I recommend it to anyone. " - C├ęsar Rodriguez

"I am very happy with Auragin. It has a lot of benefits. The effect seems subtle but one time I took it before sleep and I couldn't sleep. When taken in the morning, it helps with thinking, focus, memory, stamina, stress, sense of well being, mood, anxiety, fatigue, fibromyalgia, insomnia, and headache. I have problems with these symptoms but the effects of ginseng really helped. " A. Krulisky

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