Natural REmedies for ADHD and sleep problems

I personally suffer from ADHD, along with depression and fatigue. As I improved my lifestyle, my depression has pretty much gone away. It took me many years yet I have recently I seen a big improvement in mental focus and my energy level as well. 

ADHD is highly correlated with the same factors that cause chronic fatigue, allergies, pains, digestive issues, insomnia, depression, and other inflammation based health problems.

Basically what means is that if we focus on the universal health principles (including diets and supplements) we can improve our health drastically regardless of the area of your suffering, because most conditions share the common root causes.

In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome diet, I highlighted the importance of cutting out sugar and gluten. Here let me add that it is also important to avoid all forms of processed foods, food additives, food colouring, and heavy metal poisoning. Doing so, you will heal the inflammation in the gut, or hidden inflammation related to the gut, which often goes hand in hand with ADHD and a list of other common diseases and disorders. 

It is possible to reverse ADHD if we live a balanced and healthy lifestyle in addition to nutritional supplements. If you solely rely on healthy eating and exercise, you could be defeated by the siren call of sugar and junk foods cravings. Trust me, as an intense person, I had tried and tried and then failed over and over. I can tell you that for me it is nearly impossible to do it without supplements (or fermented foods, which provide healthy bacteria to your gut, and replace the sugar bugs).

Unless you have a chief at home (making delicious dishes without sugar, addictive, MSG, and gluten), your chance of eating out will be very high. 

So let me assume the struggle is equally daunting for all of us.

Candida and Inflammation

Candida (yeast problem) often cause food allergy and  inflammation. If you are allergic to gluten and dairy (which you may not be aware of), you may have a candida problem. Food allergies or sensitivities often associated with ADHD, so by killing off the candida in your system, you will benefit from alleviated symptoms. 

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"I have lost 5 lbs in 4 weeks after I started taking it. Before that I've been trying to get rid of that 5 lbs for 2 years. This is not the only reason why I purchased this probiotic. I got it for my son for ADHD and anxiety. He took this and several other supplements. In just one week his anxiety was gone. For me, the effect on my appetite has been a pleasant surprise. I don't crave food as much even though for many years I have already been eating very clean- gluten free and Paleo. 

"My tongue used to be under a thick sheet of white coat, which is a symptom of candida. Now it is all pink! During the cleanse I was sick and tired like I got a flu, but it meant I was killing the candida. Don't give up if that happens to you too because it is a necessary step. After the cleanse I got more energy and focus. The brain fog was gone. I will keep buying. " 

Cod liver oil

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"My husband has been struggling with ADHD his entire life. He was always looking for products that help and he thinks this is it. It improves his mental function and he can't stop telling people about it!" 

"This makes a difference for my mental health. I have ADHD and ADHD depression. Initially I couldn't tell a difference. Soon I can tell when I'm not taking it. When I forget to take it, I am more flustered, depressed, unfocused, unproductive. Then I would take it and my emotions calm down. This is different than the pure fish oil version. Cod liver oil also offers vitamin D. " 


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"I bought this for mood and energy. I take 1500 mg and other supplements each day and I can notice improvement with my energy and focus. I don't have to take many naps throughout the day and even with my ADHD I can focus better. I will definitely buy again"

"Here are what I have noticed since I started using ALCAR 4 months ago: 

  • More Energy
  • Better mood, which must be connected to my renewed energy. I love the feeling
  • Better focus- instead of craving food or sleep, I can clear my to do list   "

Heavy metal poisoning

For some people, heavy metal poisoning is the culprit which was responsible for their ADHD. Heavy metal in our bodies can manifest different problems. Common issues include fatigue, allergies, pain, depression, cancer, chronic pains and a long list of other symptoms. To reverse the symptoms, you need heavy metal detox. Some children develop autism (ADHD is on the spectrum of autism) because of the mercury content in some vaccines. Some people even develop narcolepsy after vaccination. 

Vitamin B

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"This is better than the other brands I have tried. It has the highest quality B6 and B12 (as in P5P and Methylcobalamin). It has significantly improved my energy and mood for the 4 weeks I have been taking it. Taking it in the morning is like drinking a cup of morning coffee, except it doesn't give me any jittery feelings. The focus is much more sustained and pure." 

"Most B-complex upset my stomach if I don't eat a lot, which is inconvenient for me so I didn't take it often. This brand I can take on an empty stomach and it improves my energy, mood and focus" 

Gaba (amino acid) 

Amino acid comes from protein. Often times, ADHD or ADD people suffer from digestive issue or absorption issue. For some reason, such as leaky gut syndrome (caused by sugar bugs like Candida), they don't absorb nutrients and amino acids as well as others, this is why taking amino acid supplements could improve focus, sleep, and mood. 

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"Gaba works wonder for my husband. He had been suffering chronic stress, PTSD, and chronic pain. He has ADHD and its many complications such as anxiety. Since he started taking it he was able to stop taking methlyphenadate and I had never seen him so calm in our marriage of 4 years. GABA has no side effects, no crash (unlike medication). His spasticness is gone. He can be still and at peace, something that was impossible before even when watching TV on couch. "


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"I take this for anxiety, which helps me stay calm and relaxed when I need to perform in church. My husband has ADHD and he takes on cap in the morning to help him focus. The change is obvious within a couple of days. I got some more for my grown son who has ADHD as well." 

"It helps me stay focused and not overwhelmed by life. I have become 5 times more productive at work. There are less fight or flight moments. It is simply amazing. I have been trying to manage my symptoms for 20 years with medications and everything but nothing beats L-theanine. I make sure to take vitamin B complex to help it cross the blood brain barrier. "

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