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Certain preconditions such as ADHD could increase the chance of a person in becoming a nicotine addict. If for any reason, a person could not absorb proper nutrition such as vitamin B and C, he or she could become fatigue, anxious, agitated, and therefore more likely to experiment with smoking and get addicted. 

The other way around could be true too. Nicotine can surpass nutrients and cause the smokers to become fatigue and agitated, and therefore "Think" they need to smoke to focus and feel good.

This is why supplements or herbs could help a smoker feel calm and happy, and therefore helps them to quit smoking

Below I have listed supplements on Amazon that received positive reviews from ex-smokers. If you are interested in any particular supplement, don't forget to use my affiliate link to visit Amazon.com and check it out or buy. 

To help support this website, I encourage you to use my affiliate link if you do decide to purchase any product I recommend on this site from Amazon.com Doing so will make it possible for me to continue to provide high quality information for free! Thanks! 

Amazon review: 

"This supplement was recommended by my mother's neurologist to help her to quit smoking. I too decided to quit and bought it to support her. I took one cap every time I had a cigarette craving. It really helped. I was so surprised. I got so calm, but never felt drugged, just calm. I was finally able to quit and it was so much easier than any other prior attempts. Two years later I am still smoke free, I still can't believe it. My mother is still smoking because she never really tried and is dealing with health issues because of that. I still take one or two a day when I feel like it. I recommend this to every smoker I know who is quitting. I honestly still can't believe how easy it made it. Excellent supplement"

"I have used it for 2 weeks and It helped me stop smoking weeds and sleep."

"Great price on Amazon. I felt the calming affects in just TWO DAYS. Great if your trying to quit smoking or have a lot going on. Also try the sleep aid made by the same company."

"I started taking 5-HTP after I stopped smoking to boost my energy and mood. It worked right away. There is noticeable difference when I forget to take it. I have been extremely happy with it"

I heard according to medical research 5 HTP  improves depression and it may work as good as prescribed drug such as prozac or other pills but WITHOUT the nasty side effects. I'm taking this to get rid of depression. I usually take it with breakfast and have suffered no side effects. It's been about two weeks and I am in a better mood and that's saying something because I'm at the same time trying to quit smoking which makes me go HULK over the smallest of things. I'm going to continue taking this probably permanently. It's easy to swallow I've noticed a decrease in anxiety and depression which is exactly what I wanted.

Bought this for my son and OMG!!! He has bipolar and a number of issues and is trying to quit smoking. On day 1 he took it he could tell a big difference. It helped to reduce his anxiety and outbursts while quitting  

i smoked 2 packs a day and 3 when i drink. I was a chain smoker and i was miserable. I ran out of money and remembered going in people unlocked cars to get butts out of their ash trays. I picked butts off the ground. I have tried the nicotine patch and gum but nothing worked. I ordered smoke away and can't tell you how hard i prayed that it work. I was addicted to smoking cocaine and i was able to quit that, but it was harder to quit smoking. When my Smoke Away arrived, i carefully read the directions and followed them to the letters. I had smoked for 15 years hard core and after using this product i quit smoking the next day. It's been 16 years. It worked. GIVE IT A TRY....BE SMOKE FREE.....GET HEALTHIER.......FOOD TASTE BETTER.....MY NAME IS ANTHONY....AND, I DON'T SMOKE.

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