Natural Safe sleep aids - Better than OTC sleep med  

It is safe to say only natural substances are safe for you! 

Supplements that can save you are usually nutrients that you can absorb from a healthy diet. For whatever reasons, one might not get enough of these nutrients and need the supplement forms of these nutrients. 

Try Adrenal Fatigue Diet first

Before you consider any sleep aid, even if it is natural and has no side effect, first look into your diet and try to improve sleep by changing your eating habit.  

I used to stay up for 20 to 36 hours before I could fall into sleep. I had been suffering for years. Many times I thought I had discovered the root of my insomnia, but the problem persisted. 

Diet is the foundation of health. Sleep is also very important, but your diet determines your sleep quality. 

Fortunately, I discovered the Adrenal Fatigue Diet, which turned out to be a total game changer for my health battles. 

Not only am I now able to sleep normal hours, it also helps me understand what healthy diet actually is. There are just too many theories out there! Everyone claims to know something about diets and detox. It is dangerous to play with your diet with partial knowledge. 

Safe Sleep Aids

Here is a list of natural, food based sleep aids. If you are interested in buying, please use this site's affiliate link if you want to support this site! 

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An essential amino acid the body needs to create  5-HTP , which the body uses to create serotonin, which regulate mood, appetite, and sleep. Review from "I have used this now for a couple of weeks and I can definitely say that it seems to have helped significantly with my sleep. I fall asleep without that drugged feeling I don't like from prescription sleep aids and without the drying effects of allergy medication."

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It reduces cortisol, relaxes the muscle, and relieves insomnia. Many people have trouble sleeping because of magnesium deficiency. You can take magnesium supplement orally, or better, endermally. The body can absorb magnesium oil through the skin. review:  "I've had it massaged on my back and had the bessleep ever. "

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Valerian Root

Sometimes, even a perfect diet isn't going to correct the sleep schedule within a short time. To ease the pain of transition back to health you need herbs. Valerian root is a powerful herb that relax the mind and put you to sleep. review: "I have ordered this Valerian Root several times. I travel often, driving everywhere I go and often retire amped up on caffeine from my drives. This really does relax me to the point that I am able to fall asleep in a hotel bed at night."

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Chamomile Flower Tea

People have been using chamomile as sleep aid for thousands of years. It reduces anxiety, and relaxes nerves and muscles. It also tastes delicious! Add some gelatin to it for added health benefit. It won't change the taste. review: "I have one of these every night. I used to have trouble sleeping, not anymore! This has been a life saver."

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Gelatin is something you get from cooking animal bone, joint, or skins. Since we don't eat the whole animal as often these days, many people don't get enough gelatin for joint healing, skin, hair, nail, and digestive tract. Gelatin contains high percentage of glycine, a non-essential amino acid that curbs sugar craving, calms the nerves, and relaxes the muscle. It induces sleep by cooling down the core temperature of the body. review: "One immediate side effect I have noticed is it makes me sleep like a ROCK. Very restorative sleep, which is wonderful. Great product."

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Vintage Bliss Sleep and Recovery Formula

While you can get most natural sleep aids from herbs or diet, sometimes you don't have time to get them all. A formula of ingredients in pill form can quickly cover every food based ingredients your body need to sleep better. review: "I am extremely sensitive to supplements, and have had zero side effects plus excellent results. I sleep so soundly and wake up refreshed. I've also experienced overall mood balancing, which is a wonderful side benefit. I have tried hundreds of supplements over the years. 99.9% are fairly worthless, sad to say. This is the first time that I have provided a 5-star review for any supplement"


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