Acid Reflux Home Remedies

If you are suffering from acid reflux or heartburn, you are certainly less likely to enjoy good night sleeps. Fortunately, here you will find proven remedies that will reverse the conditions without any side effect. 

Before we go into that, remember ultimately a change of lifestyle will fully reverse this dreaded disorder, also known as Gerd. If you have been on hormones or going through hormonal changes, if you have been on antibiotics, if you eat a lot of sugary or processed foods, then your digestive tract can grow bad bacteria or yeast, which can cause acid reflux. It is important that you strategically target the specific cause of the issue one by one. Most of the following remedies work, but don't stop there. Try everything until your health is 100% on point. 

Relax. Don't stress yourself over this. Stress can deplete the minerals (especially magnesium) in your body, which also causes acid reflux. By managing your stress, you could alleviate the condition by half. When a patient is under chronic stress, most health issues can become much more difficult to cure. 

Does that mean you will be punished by a new, spartan lifestyle? No. You can still enjoy delicious foods and your quality of life will be better. Trust me, every since I started improving my sleep, every little adjustment was worth the effort. Don't see it as sacrifice. There is only much to gain, but nothing to lose.

Speaking of "sacrifice", make sure you quit smoking or drinking (Easy!) if you have the habits, because the vices can at least double the severity with acid reflux. 

Home Remedies for Acid reflux

Amazon Reviews: 

"My hubby's bloating issue stopped overnight when he started this cleanse. He has cokes and junk food EVERYDAY, along with acid reflux and tummy trouble. Now he hasn't had acid reflux in days. This is the only change he has made so I can only believe the candida cleanse made all the difference. I always tell him the gut can make and break his overall health and this cleanse is exactly what he needed. We will be long term customers. Thanks so much!"

"I am one of the people cursed with severe reflux. I have constant feeling of burn in my chest and throat most days, am only able to sleep while propped up, and sometimes have to sleep sitting up. Ugh... I have been working with my doctor to try figuring out what it was and what can be done to fix it. It has become so bad that I started to do my own research. I found this book. Diet for acid reflux made sense and I had nothing to lose to try. Buying this book happened to be the best decision I have ever made.

This book changed my life. Within 3 days of following the meal plan I was able to cut back on acid blockers. After 2 weeks, I was able to eat what used to trigger reflux for me, in small portions, but since I am feeling so much better I do not even want to eat foods that made me so sick anymore."

"For many years I have suffered from acid reflux and it has become increasingly difficult for me to sleep at night. I found relief from propping my head on pillows or sitting upright against headboard to keep acid from moving through my esophagus. This lasted until I purchased the wedge pillow.

My father also suffers from acid reflux and he too has a wedge pillow, but his doesn't fit my size and is not firm enough. Fortunately, I discovered Avana Back Wedge pillow.

It has been 3 weeks now and I have been reflux free while sleeping. It doesn't cure my condition but it does help to keep the acid in the stomach. The pillow is so comfortable and easy to adjust. Highly recommend! "

"I think if you have acid reflux you need two things: 1) Change your diet 2) Take aloe juice

One time I was having a bad case of acid reflux after eating some spicy fried food. For the first time I tried the aloe juice and it brought me immediate relief. It was nothing like any medication I had taken before.

I recommended it to a friend and he got the same result.

This isn't a long term cure. Acid reflux shows that your digestion system is somehow compromised, so changing your diet is the right way. In the meantime though, it is superior than acid reflux medication for relief. It doesn't come with any side effect like most anti-acid medications have."

"We were recommended this for our colicky baby who just couldn't sleep well at 2 months old. We mixed 2-3oz with her bottle before bed. It worked great from day 1. It calms and sooth her. It definitely relieved tummy problems and gas. She didn't sleep through the entire night but it helped her get at least 6 hour of sleep. "

"This daily probiotic has to be one of the best out there because it deliver 15 times more good bacteria to your gut. 

I have suffered from acid reflux since I was a teenager. Antacids had become like candies to me. Since I started taking this probiotic, I cut off antacids 100%. My condition has cleared up for the most part. This works better than medication and doesn't have side effect. It cleared up my skin quit a bit too. I am very impressed with this daily probiotic."

"I used to get a lot of heartburn and acid reflux. It was so bad that I had to take something everyday to prevent it. I never when it would hit me. Since taking probiotic daily I no longer have to take the anti acids everyday. I do need them sometimes, but I don't have to use it everyday to prevent an episode like I used to." 

I've been suffering from acid reflux for 14 years and even after a nissen fundoplication wrap surgery it didn't eliminate it. I hate taking proton pump inhibitors daily but had no choice because otherwise the awful heartburn would hit me. My uncle knows a lot about natural remedies so he suggested apple cider vinegar. I bought a regular apple cider vinegar from a regular store (silly me) and of course it didn't help. He told me to get the organic so I ordered it and started taking it every morning. For the entire first week I didn't have to take any pill. The favor isn't too bad and the price is quite reasonable. I am so relieved that I finally found something without side effect after going through 14 years of nightmares. "

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