Adrenal Fatigue Diet

The adrenal fatigue reset diet changed my life. Before I knew how diet impacted my sleep and stress levels, my meal schedule followed my sleep schedule, which meant that my mealtime was determined by when I could wake up, even though it should have been the other way around. I would eat when I was awake, regardless of the position of the Sun.

Sometimes I stayed awake all night, and had my breakfast and dinner in the darkness of the wee hours. I skipped lunch too. It may seem like an extreme example, but many people struggling with insomnia, weight gain, fatigue, and stress, like me, also didn't know their diet directly influenced their adrenal glands, which regulated the functioning of hormones from other important glands, which regulates energy level and sleep time. 

delayed sleep phrase syndrome? more like Adrenal fatigue

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The two little adrenal glands sitting on top of the kidneys determine your energy levels at daytime, and sleepiness of nighttime. It is easy to maintain their function at the optimal level if you eat the right food on time.

With the right diet and the right meal times, falling asleep will never be a problem and it comes from me!

For years I have been struggling with nighttime insomnia. Which meant that when I wanted to sleep at night, I always ended up sleeping during the day and waking up at night. 

When I found a job working nights, I thought it would work for my sleep problem. However, I would soon develop daytime insomnia and ended up sleeping at night. This is why I could never hold a steady job. Fatigue plagued me whenever I tried to sleep regularly. 

Often, I would go 36 hours without sleep, which meant my sleep schedule would switch from sleeping at night, to sleeping at noon, or vice versa in a matter of days. 

I thought it was Delayed Sleep Phrase Syndrome. 

It's later on that i realized that I was experiencing the wired and tired stage of the Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. 

Then I read the book, The Adrenal Reset Diet! 

This diet plan works better than an alarm clock! Now I finally wake up early naturally and fall asleep around 10pm.

What is Adrenal Reset Diet?

The adrenal reset diet resets the fat storage mode and hormonal cycles by simply eating the right foods on the right time. For example, it details eating protein, fat, and low carbs in the morning for breakfast, and gradually increase higher carbs for lunch and dinner.

Avoid processed foods and fructose because these foods disrupt blood sugar levels, increase stress, and force the adrenal glands to release high levels of cortisol to control the inflammation and stress they cause. 

The cortisol hormone isn't evil. However, the body requires a good rhythm of cortisol, instead of sporadic releases caused by wrong food choices and stress. The optimal function of adrenal glands release high cortisol in the morning, and gradually reduce its releases toward the night. This gives body the most energy, stress reduction, and fat burn.

the truth about sleep and weight lost

  1. Its not about high carb or low carb diets. Its about when to take high carbs or low carbs during the day
  2. Weight gain isn't an equation of calorie intake vs calorie output. It is the "adrenal fat switch" that determines fat burn or fat storage mode of the body. 
  3. Sleeping more or less than average people doesn't make you smarter or lazier than others. Sleep is a result of functional glands releasing hormones at the right time at the right level.
  4. Willpower isn't the key in successful weight control and a healthy sleep schedule. The blood sugar level and hormones determine the clarity and resolution of your mind. 
  5. Depression and fatigue aren't lazy. Years of skipping meals, prolonged stress, fat storage mode, or crushed adrenal glands are examples for reasons of depression and fatigue. 
  6. Dieting causes weight gain because it puts stress on the body. When you are starving, the body thinks it is in survival mode. Survival mode = fat storage mode. 

MOre about Adrenal Reset Diet

The book covers much more details such as light therapy, relaxation exercises, and other important details I wasn't able to fully cover in one article. As a doctor, Alan Christianson included real cases of his patients in the book, which are very enlightening. I highly recommend this book. Click to read reviews or buy

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