Air Purifier for allergies 

For many people, allergies meant horrible nights with horrible sleep. The stuffy nose can be a torment. I used to wake up couple of hours earlier than I wanted to because often times one of my nostril was stuck. Recently, my brother brought a bunch of lizards, snakes, and hedgehog to my house as their temporary shelter, so I found myself sleeping with congested nose more frequently. 

Finally, I decided to buy an air purifier (Germ Guardian) and it has been working great. No more stuffy nose when I remembered to turn it on in the basement where those creeps were residing.

The result is air that feels crisp and clean. Within a week it gathered a lot of dust on its filter, which I easily vacuumed out. 

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GermGuardian AC4825, 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System with True HEPA

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"I have been using it for 6 months =) Still loving it. This unit is still going strong and still doing a good job! Since I bought it, it has been a god send with our asthma and allergies. I stopped waking up with a stuffy nose within the first month, and I didn't see as much dust in the air as before. Just make sure you have enough units to cover the square footage of your home. We have moved to a larger place since but the unit is still holding up. I should probably add one more. I love the UV light and it isn't too loud. At one point we had a visitor who was having pneumonia. Since we were more vulnerable to lung illnesses due to asthma and allergies, I was nervous. We didn't catch anything though, to my relief. I credited that to the UV light in this air purifier. Really recommend it!

********************************Update 6/26/13

It has been a year! Nothing has gone wrong at all. Make sure you follow the manual and clean the inside and out once a month. Buy it. You won't regret it. 

***********************************Update 11/13/13

Still no complain. We bought a second one earlier this year, and both are doing well! =)

***********************************Update 06/29/14

They are still going strong. No issues at all. Our asthma and allergies haven't bothered us for a long time. "  - Toddler Teacher

"I had read every reviews but I was very skeptical about trying one of these. I still ended up ordered one out of desperation. My wife and I both have suffered allergies for a long time and every day it seemed to get worse. Each morning I woke up with a tight head and terrible headache because of the tightness. It would sometimes take several hours after waking for the headache to loosen up enough for me to function. I had been taking Allegra D regularly. As if it wasn't enough, we have two schnauzers and they sleep in our bedroom. I also suspect some mold might be hiding somewhere in our home. 

When the Germ Guardian arrived, we ran it in our living room until bedtime and teh air quality seemed to have improved. We moved it into our bedroom. For the first time, I slept so good because I could finally breath through both nostrils all night and woke up without a headache! It was like a miracle thank you Amazon!" -Dan McIntyre

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