Alcohol and Insomnia 

Recently it has become common knowledge that alcohol isn't a sleep aid. Yes, it induces sleep, but it causes reduction in sleep quality and disrupts sleep patterns. It also causes you to wake up earlier than you should. 

When drinkers stop drinking, they may suffer withdrawal symptoms, including insomnia. 

Alcohol is like prescribed sleep medication, which tricks you into thinking it helps you to sleep, but the truth is that prescribed sleep aids makes you forget about insomnia and takes away your motivation to quit using it. While alcohol makes you sleep right away for, it soon disrupts your sleep for the rest of the night. Both sleep meds and alcohol effect your cognitive abilities and wakefulness negatively during the next day. 

If you already had insomnia before you started drinking alcohol, you can give yourself real sleep aid by following my 8 ways to gets to sleep like a child again

Here is how to quit drinking

Withdrawal insomnia can be dealt with quite easily with proper supplements and nutrition. 

Alcohol deprives drinkers of vitamins A, B, C, carnitine, magnesium, selenium, and zinc. Also it kills your appetite for real food because alcohol is full of "empty" calories, which makes your body feels like it doesn't need more food, but alcohol provides no nutrients. 

The supplements I list below can do at least one of the followings: help you curb cravings, mediate hangovers (assuming you still drink), and relieve anxiety from years of drinking.

I have been taking it for several years now. I take the Garden of Life multivitamin so I only use the B-Vitamin under certain conditions. One is if I need more energy due to too little sleep or working too many hours. The second is before an intense workout at the gym. And the third is preventing hangovers- the best cure there is on the planet earth. Our bodies use one of the B vitamins (don't remember which one) to break down alcohol. I work in sales and I frequently have to entertain customers and business partners which sometimes involves drinking more than I normally like to. I take one after my first drink and one of them after my last drink. You have to drink a good amount of water though because no pill can prevent dehydration but if you drink plenty of water and take two of these throughout the night, you will be amazed at how well it works. I have given these to dozens of people, and it works the same for them. They ask me about this product. If you happen to overindulge on occasion, please follow my advice and then give my review a thumb up when it works for you!

"Gaba works well at relieving anxiety. It's also a good idea for someone trying to quit drinking. GABA is needed in the brain for nerve function, and a long term drinker doesn't produce it, or can't use it, due to the alcohol being a substitute. When someone quits drinking, its important for them to take a GABA supplement, especially if they had been drinking for a long time. This one works for my anxiety and for my friend's relief from alcohol addiction."

"Gaba is fast acting so if a very stressful event occurs at work I break a capsule and take it sublingually. It works very fast. In the evening I use it to relax me. Better than alcohol!"

I never write a review but this stuff is amazing :-)

I am in my 30's, alcohol free, and still dealing with anxiety from my years of drinking. I had been drinking heavily for most of my teen years and all of my 20's. 

A few points to be made:

-Don't give up! A lot of people say it works for them right away, but it took me over a week. I take 3 pills a day with meals. 

-Different strokes for different folks
I have tried every supplement for my anxiety. St. John's Wort did not work for me but this, coupled with Cod Liver Oil, really is helping. Find what works for you.

"This product is great at controlling addiction. 5 htp is the direct precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin, so it gives your body the raw material to produce more. I've found that taking this in the early evening on an empty stomach helps me avoid alcohol."

"Depression and anxiety run in my family. I've been taking these for a week (extended release formula) but I was not expecting results until I'd been taking them for about a month, but I've noticed major changes in the first week. My temper a week ago was flaring so out-of-control that I was hysterically yelling at my children every day for about 2 weeks and most days prior to that for the past several months. I haven't had an outburst at all since the first full day on this supplement. I have not allowed anxiety to overwhelm me at all this week, which is huge for me since I suffer from somewhat debilitating anxiety on a regular basis. Also, I've been fighting alcohol addiction for over a year. I typically have about 4 drinks daily, but I have not craved the alcohol since starting 5HTP. I've also noticed a significant change in my appetite. I've actually lost 1.5 lbs this week without trying. I'm mad at myself for not trying this product sooner!"

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