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Ever wonder why good things that make you feel good without a down side are rarely addictions? In fact, I don't think there are good addictions at all. 

The reason why bad things can be addictive is because they create a "difference" in your state of mind. First they take away from your well being, and then give you a false hope of making you feel better than before you got addicted. Every relief it provides is temporary and you have to keep chasing after the illusion that one day that the ultimate satisfaction will come, but it never comes. 

This is how addiction keeps you trapped. 

Second, it also makes you feel like you were truly satisfied at one point, even though this magical moment never really existed. Before you get a drink, you miss it, imagine it to be so good. After you had a drink, you wonder what the big deal was, but later on you somehow imagined that there was something about it.

The trap of addiction exists in the mind.

But then there are withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop! The most successful quitters of any addiction would tell you that they simply just quitted. 

On I have read many positive customer reviews for Easy Way to Stop Drinking, by Allen Carr. They get it. After they finished the book, they realized everything they associated with alcohol previously were psychological tricks. When they reached this understanding, the stronghold of the alcohol addiction shattered.

It is the same with quitting Tobacco and Marijuana

I am not saying withdrawal symptoms don't exist. They do, but withdrawal was never the problem. The problem mainly exists in the mind.

Before you go on to read about insights from ex-drinkers below, do check out how to reverse withdrawal symptoms once and for all by getting supplements, see Supplements for Alcohol and Insomnia, Quit Smoking Pills, and How to Painlessly Quit and Detox from Marijuana

Read Amazon reviews for this book

" I'm a sobriety nerd--always looking for ways to crack my drinking addiction, ways to think about sobriety differently. I finally stumbled upon the Allen Carr book and I found a very useful part I wanted to share. 

At the end of my last drinking bout, I realized the insane amount of mental energy I devoted to drinking--- Am I gonna drink tonight? Should I? Should I not? Where would I get it?

I always ended up caving in and buying a bottle. I always wished I had a portable MRI machine to see what was going on in my brain, because the fact that stowing the bottle in my bag put my mind at ease. It was like that was really what I needed--- an assurance that I had access to it and be drunk in 30 minutes. 

Knowing that, this part of the book spoke to me:

'It's rather like the feeling that you get when a distant burglar alarm has been ringing for so long that you only become aware of it when it stops. The silence is golden! What you are really enjoying is the ending of the irritation. Even though you hadn't been conscious of it, it was still an irritation. What you really enjoy in an alcoholic drink is not the drink itself, but the ending of the irritation of wanting that drink. Nondrinkers enjoy that all the time.'

You see a glimpse of what this book is about. Don't be afraid to read this book. What it really offer is a new, profound perspective that somehow was all I needed to quit. It was automatic. A natural transition. " -Ange21

"Let's be clear: I have nothing to gain from whether or not you buy this book. I just want to share the freedom I now feel from desiring or requiring alcohol no more. You might think it's going to be hard, that you will feel deprived (a very specific word the author uses), but something just clicked while I read this book. It was without a forethought. After 22+ years of drinking every night, I unexpectedly quitted without even preparing for it. What I meant was, I simply lost all desire to take another drink. It was unreal. At first I was nervous because it was such a large part of my life, but now I am actually looking forward to experience life with this newfound freedom. 

I used to feel powerless to quit. The constant battle was exhausting. Every attempt to control my drinking turned into an inner debate of how much, when, and how often. I was stuck with thinking about drinking 24/7. I felt powerless to stop even though I wanted to. This went on until a chain smoking friend suddenly dropped her last ciggs after reading Allen's Easyway to Quit Smoking. A lightbulb lit up in my head, thinking there might be something I needed for my drinking problem.

While I was googling Easyway to Quit Smoking I cam across this title. I knew for a while that I couldn't go on the way I have been. Enough was enough. When I read the book, it's like being revealed to me  that I am a rat in a maze and I have been running around in the maze since the first time I tasted it. None of my closest people knew the level of struggle I have gone through. Hiding it from them has been exhausting. Now I no longer have to worry about it. 

This book somehow bring you to this place.

It might sound too good to be true. I felt the same thing when I first read the reviews. If you just read it with an open mind and somewhat sober, you will see the truth behind the lies alcohol has been putting you under for years. Now I am embarking onto the journey of finding fulfillment in the read world, instead of the dead end at the bottom of a bottle. Wishing you all the same." -Amazon Customer

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