Healthy alternatives to caffeine

Over the last few years, I was very into coffee (I started in my 30s and regretted it). One of my major vices is excess. It is easy for me to become addicted to things like sugar, gluten, and caffeine.

I thought if I had my green smoothie and exercised everyday my health would be decent, but I was totally wrong.

In my 20s, I was athletic but my health "mysteriously" went down hill for reasons I couldn't figure out- depression, fatigue, ADHD, sleep apnea, high blood pressure. In my early 30s, I started drinking coffee because of my fatigue, and I suddenly developed a lot of cavities and my sleep schedule totally turned upside down. It was scary.  

Here is what I learned-managing our health follows the Pareto Rule like everything else. If you cut out sugar, gluten, and caffeine, you will sleep better, and weight loss will become automatic. That cup of green smoothie and daily exercise are nice, but they are not at the top of the priority list. 

What I learned is that it is hard to stop drinking coffee, but it is easier to replace a bad habit with a healthier one. There are many healthy alternatives to caffeine, because we lack energy for many reasons, and these alternatives address underlying reasons why we crave coffee.  

I was mostly motivated to stop drinking coffee because of 1) the cavities it caused, and 2) because of the effects it had on my sleeping habits. I managed to stop drinking coffee through hypnosis, and also through the use of healthy alternatives. Quitting coffee was one of the key changes I made that helped me to regain the kind of sleep I hadn't had since I was a teenager. 

Instead of bringing us horrible side effects such as dental problems, spikes in blood sugar, inflammation, leaky gut syndrome, and more, these supplements actually prevent and cure many of the symptoms that caffeine can cause, without the side effects. 

"It is the best tasting fish oil I ever had. I prefer drinking it than taking the capsule forms. 

It brought me calmness, fluency (I speak better), night vision, good mood, and more energy. It is like drinking coffee but without the anxiety. It was longer lasting than coffee too. It is easy to notice even when I wasn't actively expecting the benefit. I wasn't taking it for these benefits but for tendinitis. The pronounced side benefits were pleasant surprises. " 

"After taking it for 6 weeks I noticed it boosted my energy and mood astonishingly. It might be hard to believe but I'm certain. I heard that even pharmaceutical companies make expensive Omega 3 oil capsules to go with their anti-depressants prescription to boost the effect." 

"The flaxseed oil made my skin, hair, and nail shiny and healthy. I have more energy for physical workouts and focus for work. I can handle stress better. My blood pressure and cholesterol numbers are perfect" 

"It gives me a tremendous amount of energy. It is like coffee but it lasts much longer, for many hours. My brain power has increased so much. I can wake up after only 3 or 4 hours of sleep and be ready for the day. I think fast, clear, and articulate. It's something I never experienced before. The extra energy I get from it is steady, not erratic, jittery at all."

"Energy is the first thing I notice as the ACV hits my stomach. I get a natural boost which lasts for hours. My craving for junk foods fades. I learned it is because of its normalizing effect on blood sugar. This also explains the weight loss people gets when they take ACV. This high energy level has become my new normal. 

ACV helps me quit my addiction to alcohol and caffeine. I used to have a pot of coffee during the day and a bottle of wine after dinner. I tried to quit coffee a few years ago because I was getting heart palpitations from the caffeine but the addiction was creeping back in quickly. Now I am on ACV I drink only a cup of coffee (or two), and rarely finish a bottle of wine or beers. No more heart palpitation since!" 

"I originally bought Braggs for facial mask to cure my acne, but later I found out benefits of taking it as supplements. The first time I had a shot in the morning I almost threw up because it was just awful and I had a bowl movement too. But soon I had a surge of energy like I just finished 5 cups of coffee...i know because I used to take 4 shots of expresso before work just to feel alive. I lost 4 lbs that week. Since then I never start a day without my cider shot" 

"This is the real Ginseng. I wake up in the morning with it instead of coffee now because I no longer need it. I used to be sluggish in bed on the weekends because of a long hard work week, but it is not the case anymore. The company founder personally followed up to make sure I was happy with the product. I feel like they take pride in their product. This is why it is one of the best ginseng in the market." 

"I am 42 yrs old it gives me harder erection and my sex life is vibrant. I am happy that I actually listened to the "hype" and took the plunge. It tastes like earth which is great. It get my mind working each day so I don't need coffee anymore. I just pop 3 caps and am ready for the day. Thank you Auragin"

"I have tried several maca now. As a landscaper it is important that I get the energy and stamina I need for the job. It has gelatinized and raw forms. The gelatinized form is the best and I can feel it. I mix half a teaspoon in my protein shake. It gives me strong energy and stamina. It's different than caffeine energy. It may take from couple of minutes to couple of hours to notice, but it's the best I had. The benefit is most noticeable while you are being active. There are other benefits as well so I highly recommend it!" -SuperNaturalBird

"Wow. For a while I had been lethargic, constantly tired, skipping workouts, low sex drive, so I looked for supplements that may help and I found NOW Maca. I finished the whole bottle but the effect was minimal. I decided to go with this brand one last time before I give up. The result was amazing. I went from one tea spoon a day to 3 times a day. The difference was clear from day 1. I had to force myself to stop working out. Before that I'd still feel tired after 8 hours of sleep, but this week I am still good even if I didn't get much sleep the night before

The energy is pure, it's not like pounding an energy drink. There's no jitters. Its a calm and stable energy, makes me just want to do something. I'm really amazed by the effects I've felt, and how quickly I felt them." -Matthew

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