Best Anti snoring device

Many popular over the counter anti snoring devices or appliance don't work. What you never heard of, however, work like a charm. Here I am going to list out what work and what doesn't. 

You may visit the How Can I Stop Snoring page for more ways to stop snoring without putting gadgets on your face. 


SnoreCare works by keeping your nostrils open. If it works for you you might have allergies, or your airway is too narrow. The solution to allergy is to try air purifier, which helps many snorers. 

For minority of people, it might not help. In that case, you might want to consider other options, and check if you have sleep apnea. 

Amazon Reviews:

"These are great. I can't believe it actually work. I have been thinking about getting it for months before I finally ordered it. I have no regret because they helped a lot. My nose gets stuffy at night and I snore horribly. All it does is opening up my nostrils so I can breathe so much better. My husband doesn't kick me and wake me up anymore." 

DEntal night guard 

Some people find generic night guard sold over counter better than the much more expensive, professionally fitted mouth guard, which costs about $1000. Some, however, find it not as comfortable as the expensive mouth guard their dentists made for them. It doesn't hurt to try because this generic mouth guards are much cheaper. 

Here is a warning. This appliance treats sleep apnea and snoring by pushing your lower jaw  forward, which allows most people using it to breath and stop grinding, but it also leads to dry mouth because it keeps your mouth open. 

CPAP machine can also cause dry mouth. The problem with that is potential tooth cavity. I had been using CPAP for about 1.5 years and it caused massive cavities. Many people don't have that problems, while enough people have experienced CPAP related cavities, so make sure you are vigilant and watch out for any sign of dental issue. 

"My snoring problem has been getting worst. My wife told me sometimes I stop breathing for a few seconds. When that happens, I usually wake up feeling terrible. This is text book obstructive airway sleep apnea, but I don't want to do a sleep study or wear a CPAP machine. I did some research on Amazon and found this number one ranked product for snoring/sleep-apnea mouthpiece. It really works! My wife tells me she can see me breathing and the snoring has stopped. Every since I started using it, I wake up every morning well rested. I have invisalign retainer and use them together at night with no problem. Before you try more expensive therapies, try this. "

Anti Snoring Chin Strap

Like the mouth guard, it works by supporting your lower chin and keeping it a little more forward, which open the airway lining around your throat and tongue. There is no downside of dry mouth, and it also works with CPAP machine by keeping your mouth closed to prevent air leak, which works for those who suffer sleep apnea and breath with mouth at sleep. 

However, it doesn't work for half the people who tried it. It is not custom made for everyone so some people whose head shape isn't compatible with it won't get the benefit. 

"My husband snores a lot so I got this for him to help myself sleep. It works wonderfully and he stops snoring. He sleeps and breaths well with no discomfort whatsoever."

"I like the quality of this product, which is a great compliment to my Resmed Apnea machine. It keeps my mouth closed and forces me to breath through my nose and eliminate my mouth snoring. For people who use Sleep apnea machine, this closes your mouth to prevent the air pressure from exiting your mouth when using a nasal mask. When I was not using it, I would wake up with dry and sore throat. It made my sleep terrible."

Anti Snore Nasal strips

Nasal strips do wonder for many people, but it is a disposable item that you have to use for life. If you want to know other ways to stop snoring and finally set yourself free from inflammation and allergies that cause your nasal cavity to stuff up during sleep, visit How Can I Stop Snoring

"Definitely amazed by this product. I haven't been able to sleep normally for years because of breathing problem. Finally this helped me to sleep without snoring. Sometimes I have a cold and cannot breathe at all but this still helped a lot. The original was much weaker and fall off easily in 10 minutes. This version is much better I can use it for 24 hours. "

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