Chronic fatigue syndrome diet

Would you believe me if I told you that there is one diet plan that you can follow to reverse most diseases and pain? Chronic fatigue is mostly caused by bad food and bad food almost always creates problems for everyone, but each person has different chemistry and so some people get chronic fatigue, and some get other health issues, like we are playing the Roulette of Suffering. That is why the diet plan that cures chronic fatigue also cures sleeping disorders, migraines, diabetes, ADHD, pain, depression, allergies, digestive problems, reflux, and many other conditions. Plus, eating the correct food helps you lose weight effortlessly without suffering from cravings. 

I had stumbled and fallen trying to eat right for a long time. Over time, I found that the correct foods and supplements kept showing up in my research. Now I have made a lot less mistakes and saved so much time and am able to follow my plan with ease. 

This is because health, like everything else, follows the Pareto Principe- that 20% of the foods and supplements are responsible for reversing 80% of the diseases and ailments most people suffer. 

Cut off sugar

Sugar is the culprit behind most health problems. Sugar is inflammatory because it burdens the digestive system and cogs the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Most diseases and degenerations are caused by inflammation, including chronic fatigue. 

This is why you want to cut off all kinds of refined sugars, refined carbohydrates (such as flour), artificial sweeteners, and limit even natural sugars from fruits (because fruits were cross bred to become much more sweet than was naturally possible). 

It is super hard to break sugar addiction if you don't know how, because sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine! I used to fail, and then fail again, trying to cut out sugar from my life, and then one day it became so easy when I did this: to eliminate cravings and maintain a steady level of blood sugar, you want to get supplemental amino acids, herbs, probiotics, and candida cleanse, which I detail in Breaking Sugar Addiction

Food allergies causes fatigue

You maybe picturing strong allergic reactions such as hive and suffocation when you read "food allergy". However, there is also low grade chronic inflammation that people can unknowingly suffer from, and the symptoms are mysterious, but connected. 

Common symptoms of low grade, hidden food allergies include tiredness, pain, insomnia, weight gain, irritable bowel syndrome, snoring and more. 

How do you know if you are allergic to certain foods? 30 percent of Americans have gluten intolerance. If your degree of allergic reaction to certain foods is relatively small and hidden, it won't even show on the IgE antibodies blood test, yet it is still crippling for those who suffer from symptoms such as chronic fatigue. This is why you need to educate and trust yourself enough to direct your doctors toward a proper diagnosis. Many doctors would miss the diagnosis because it is hard to recognize the patterns of hidden allergies

Go sugar and gluten free for 6 weeks to see if you get better, which means no more bagels and donuts or any other high carbs such as pasta, whole grains, white grains, flour, wheats, refined potato products, and even natural high carbs such as starchy vegetables like potatoes. Here is what Dr. Hyman found out about modern wheat

You may go further and avoid dairy and nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers, eggplants) for 6 weeks if you feel avoiding gluten and sugar alone isn't enough.

So, what do I eat instead? I make a green broth by boiling leafy green vegetables such as kale and broccoli, and then put the vegetables and soup into a blender to make smooth green broth. It tastes as good as any supper dish. In the morning, I drink a glass of raw milk and raw eggs (if you are not allergic to eggs), and a glass of raw green smoothies. 

What you should eat

As long as you avoid the above, you can follow any cooking plan with protein (eg. fish, chicken, beef) and fat (fish oil, olive oil, coconut oil etc), with a low overall glycemic load (eat a lot of leafy greens because they are low carb and provide a steady fuel of glucose for the body). 

I would recommend the Weston A. Price Foundation diet. The Paleo diet is very popular though and many people who have tried it reported improvement in health (because it has been a trend so more people are very excited about it, but I believe the WSPF diet covers everything the Paleo diet stands for and more). 

I cannot provide full detail on your day to day Chronic Fatigue diet plan, but I would like to recommend you some books. 

Also make sure you are not poisoned by heavy metals, which is one of the common causes for chronic fatigue. 

Amazon Reviews:

"I enjoy the recipes of this book. I bought it after finished reading the other Dr. Hyman's book "Eat Fat Get Thin". That book changed our health, weight, and blood sugar. This book is the 3rd stage of "Eat Fat Get Thin". Some of my friends think it is similar to Atkins diet, but its not true at all. It is a much more balanced system including meat, vegetables, and fruits. I can't thank Dr. Hyman enough!"


This book motivated me to test for vitamin D deficiency and get supplement with cod liver oil. Vitamin D is so important for the immune system and it reduces risk of breast cancer. But more importantly I feel so good- happy, high energy, and resilient. I used to be a vegetarian, but the Weston A. Price Foundation plan is much better. Viva healthy grass fed or wild animal fat!

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