Herbs that Help you Quit Smoking

In this article I have listed herbal supplements that received positive customer reviews for being effective in helping them to quit smoking. In my research I have noticed that while many aids are useful in helping people to quit, no product can help EVERY SINGLE  smoker. There are always some customers who didn't get the benefits from a certain product. 

Don't give up if your first attempt didn't help. Comparing with the costly smoking habit, experimenting with herbs and supplements are much cheaper and can potentially help you quit for good. 

Millions of people have already quitted smoking and you don't want to be left behind. Quitting smoking requires a correct mindset. A good mindset comes before supplements. Herbs and supplements can help calm you down and put you into restful sleep during the quitting process, but the psychological aspect of quitting is the key to quit once and for all.

In my article on how to quit smoking (link above), I explained why you should avoid using the "Willpower method". When you read the reviews below, some customers are using the "willpower method" along with the product, which reduces the chance of success. What I want you to do is to focus on the product review, but don't buy into the "willpower method". 

"Lobelia was way more effective in curbing cigarette cravings than any nicotine gums or patches. In just a few days, I had lesser desire to smoke. I had to take it with food though, or else I will feel funny in the tummy. It can leave a funny taste in your mouth, but it helps with the urges for smoking."

"OMG.This stuff is amazing! I've read the many positive reviews on here, then decided to try it. I noticed a difference in two days. Didn't think about a cigarette for two weeks. I can really say now, I'm not going back to smoking. I've tried everything and did it cold turkey for two weeks in July and was so depressed. I read about this, and I thought, "what do I have to lose". It's natural and this was my last option. I'm so calm with this, no irritable moods, no headaches, no foods cravings, but food just seems to taste better. I am so mad I didn't find this stuff sooner;"

"Being smoke free has been my dream and I am on my way to a whole new life. I am more than thankful because it does work and helps us reach that promise land where I can say I am smoke free."

"Two great things about this product - it really curbs cravings and the taste is fantastic. I was concerned that this tea may have a bland or awful taste but was VERY pleasantly surprised. It might seem costly but NOT when you compare it to what you spend on cigarettes in a week or month. HIGHLY recommend." 

"It arrived promptly and proved to be just as described. Here came the test: would it help me reduce or stop smoking?

I noticed that my cravings for a cigarette faded significantly. Within a day or so, as long as I kept busy the thought of a smoke just never came up. And within a few days....I had stopped smoking. The last pack I bought is still sitting on the table where I left it several months ago. I simply haven't had any real desire to pick it up, to throw it away, or to smoke a cigarette. I put no mind to it at all.

Although I have been free since April, I still find bits of the old habit popping up now and then. Not exactly cravings. I would occasionally find myself thinking: "I'd like a cigarette"--and I often reach for the pocket where I used to keep my cigarettes. I continue to keep Quit Tea handy for such occasions. Generally I brew a cup, enjoy it, and by then any thought of smoking is gone.

This may seem as if I am describing a "miracle cure". I don't believe such a thing exists. But....if you're tired of suffocating and ready to leave smoking behind you, it truly does help. "  

The last guy was on point. If you are not ready mentally to quit once and for all, the desire to smoke will linger. A truly successful quit is to pay no mind at all. There is no tension that comes from anticipation of the big day when you can declare you are finally free, nor is it necessary to summon your willpower. 

"Like what other reviewers have said, the toothpicks can serve as an acceptable substitute for a cigarette, when it comes to the oral fixation aspect of smoking. I have to say that my mood is almost always better when I chew one of these in the car instead of smoking a cigarette."

"As an aid to give up smoking and an overall oral hygiene boost, these are phenomenal. The favor is long lasting, really helped me curb my addiction of nicotine, and keeps your breath fresh after meals and throughout the entire day"

" I started the Quit Support two weeks ago. It goes with Quit tea like a match in heaven. Between the capsules and the tea, I got my husband to stop smoking as well. The best things of this is the calming effect. We never slept better in my life. These products should also support people with anxiety . We never thought we could stop smoking at the same time. We thought we would kill each other to be completely honest. We are very calm and relaxed because of these products. "

"This is amazing. I'm not sure if it's just a placebo but it really seems to eliminate cravings. It doesn't taste like medicine, but more like spraying water under your tongue. I went from smoking up to dozens a day to 1 or 2 cigarettes a day. I can't wait to quit."

I have something to add. The quit smoking expert, Allen Carr, said, don't wait for "the day you fully quit". The moment you put down a cigarette you are a non-smoker. By anticipating the big moment, you create unnecessary tension, which leads to obsessive thought about smoking. 

"I used according to the instruction and whenever I felt the urge to smoke. I didn't feel less craving, nor did I quit. I personally believe it was all a mind game. I had negative thoughts in my head when I first got this and didn't believe it would work and I think this was why it didn't work. My husband also tried it and he said it didn't have as bad of cravings like he normally does but it obviously didn't help us quit. I think if maybe our minds were dead set on quitting this freedom quit smoking spray would benefit us. "

She is right on. The reason why some customers find a particular quit smoking product not helpful is because they were either using the "Willpower method", or they don't have a correct mindset. Mindset is everything. See the How Do I Quit Smoking article. 

"I have had problems with my lungs for the last 3 years. Mucus builds up really bad and I have deep constant wracking cough. Being a long time smoker I attributed it to that but my pulmonologist says its an infection. I've taken so many antibiotics and massive doses of steroids along with expensive inhalers and breathing treatments I couldn't afford. Nothing has worked. My situation in the last 6 months has took a deep dive and I've pretty much bed bounded so I decided to take matters into my own hands because I really felt I was dying. I stumbled across this product and am so glad I did. I can say that I can see a big improvement after just 3 days of taking Clearlungs. I know this product is probably not curing anything and it won't bring back the 2 lobes of my lungs that the doctor says are not functioning because they are so damaged. Although my smoking doesn't help the situation the specialist said I've lost the lobes of my lungs because of so much inflammation. But just getting relief from that incessant cough is worth every penny I paid for this."

"Breathing sometimes gets more difficult for me during the summer. I suppose that 30 years of smoking may have something to do with that, even though I have been clean since 2002. This product clears out congestion and opens my airways. Not sure what it all does, but the end result equals more relaxed and much easier breathing." 

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