How Can i stop snoring

Snoring is a problem people easily overlook, except when we have to sleep near a snorer. This is why most snorers put off finding a solution and become snorers for life! But you can resolve that easily because it only takes a few clicks to remedy. 

And it is only the beginning to a whole new world. When you sleep really well, many health issues, even the seemingly big ones, simply disappear.

Here are the remedies to stop snoring. 

Weight Loss 

When you sleep better, you lose weight. When you lose weight, you reduce snoring. Don't worry about following a spartan style fitness regimen or starvation based diet plans. By eating regularly, reducing stress, taking long walks, and sleeping better, you can lose a lot of unhealthy weight. 

When you are no longer fatigued, you turn off the "fat switch" and increase your metabolism. Sugar cravings also reduce drastically too. 

To further curb sugar cravings, you should look at doing a candida cleanse and eat more probiotic foods such as pickles or yogurt. Doing so would replenish healthy gut fora in your digestive system. It is not you who are craving fast food and bad sugar, it is the yeast in your gut. Once you complete a gut fora reset diet plan, you will discover that many of your allergies, pains, and health issues suddenly experience drastic reductions or simply disappear. 

Aromatherapy for snoring

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Amazon review below: 

"We run out of essential oils often because we use it everyday. Orange and peppermint oil helps me relax and ease my mind. Lemongrass eases my headaches. My husband and I use lavender or eucalyptus (with a diffuser) in the bedroom. It really helps us have a good night sleep. My husband stops snoring when we have the eucalyptus."

The reason why essential oil could stop snoring is because the oil moisturizes the soft palate and uvula, thus preventing the tissues from vibrating and creating noises. 

Wedged Pillow

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"My husband had been using the Wedge pillow for 1.5 months because of surgery. He doesn't really needs it anymore but it is too comfortable. His snoring reduced too so we are both happy. He is almost 6 feet tall and his shoulders are wide but this fits well. Update: Now I am 7 months pregnant and I don't think I can sleep without the wedge!"

"The wedge took some getting used to. Once I got used to it my husband told me I don't snore anymore. According to him I had a major snoring problem. He said he almost tried to wake me up at times because my breathing was so bad. I had tried nose strip and mouth guard, but this pillow eliminates the need to both. Now I can sleep all night and no more trips to the bathroom!" 

Stop smoking and drinking

No amount of negative consequences can deter people from smoking or drinking, but that's not a problem. It is actually easy to stop smoking or drinking if you find the key.

Smoking irritates the tissues that line the airway, and causes inflammation. This is why smoking worsens the snoring. 

Alcohol is like sleeping pills, which doesn't help with sleep quality, but makes you forget you didn't really sleep the night before. It impairs your cognitive ability and increases the odds of a number of health problems such as cancer. 

Alcohol relaxes the muscle of airway, which causes snoring during sleep. 

sleeping pill and snoring

Sleeping pill is like alcohol and it causes snoring or worsen it just the same as alcohol. It is addictive. Most habitual users of sleep pill have no choice but to buy because they have developed drug dependency, but their sleep quality didn't improve. 

Allergies and Snoring

If you are allergic to essential oil, don't worry, Try air purifier. A well made air purifier makes all the difference in your bedroom. It even goes as far as to stop your dog from snoring.

Food allergies may cause snoring as well. Any allergy can cause inflammation that leads to snoring. Find out if you have any food allergies and temporarily avoid those foods to monitor the results. The first thing you may want to try to avoid is gluten. 

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User Reviews for air purifiers on Amazon:

"The very first night I was using this was one of the best nights of sleep I ever had. My nose didn't clog or inflame at all and I woke up feeling great. Both my nostrils were breathing just fine.

The UV filter made a huge difference. I got no sent from my stingy dog, which is a pitbull when using the purifier. My dog used to snore every night and now it stopped. "

"In just one day the smell is gone in our room. The air is now fresh and crisp. My allergies and snoring stopped- no more runny nose and watery eyes." 

Breathing exercise

Breathing exercise for sleep apnea or playing didgeridoo can strengthen the tissue of the upper airway and the throat. This prevents it from collapsing during sleep. The snoring would be minimized, or even disappear completely, if you make it a habit to practice breathing or didgeridoo everyday.

When you play didgeridoo, the goal is to practice circular breathing. If you don't know what circular breathing, there are instructional videos on YouTube. 


Relax. It is not intrusive or painful. No surgery required. Osteopathic dentistry can stimulate jaw growth to correct bad bites and expand the airway. The results are straightened teeth, better facial structure, and curing of sleep apnea

When you have better cranial and facial bone structure, you breath much better 24/7. Therefore curing both sleep apnea or snoring for life. 

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