How Do I quit Smoking? 

I have to talk about how to quit smoking here because you cannot enjoy good sleeps if you are smoking. 

Smokers have significantly higher chance of developing insomnia, depression, and sleep apnea.

To successfully quit smoking, the key is to realize, or simply acknowledge, that it is an illusion. 

What does that mean? Some zen stuff? No, "pleasure" of smoking is really just an illusion. This concept has helped millions of ex-smokers to quit for good. 

At this point, you might either be skeptical or worried that you might be a special case. Let me tells you you are no different. 

Allen Carr has successfully helped millions of people to quit. He himself was a smoker. In his smoking years, he smoked 100 cigarettes a day at some points. For forty years, he had been a smoker and failed to quit for many times, because of a simple misalignment of the mindset. 

Once he found out the correct mindset, he quitted for good. (Yes, no need for Quit Smoking Pills, but natural pills do exist and could help your mind relax, focus, and quit smoking.)

Allen Carr found out that the physical withdrawal symptoms of nicotine are actually very weak. The symptoms are barely noticeable if the smoker doesn't pay attention to it. 

If a non smoker is living life on a score of 10, then a smoker is always on 6 slipping down to 4 or 3, struggling to get back to 6 for brief moments, with the aids of a cigarette. Nicotine is a fast acting drug. It leaves the body in 20 minutes, which is why it is easy to chain smoke. 

In fact, it is much more painful to be a casual smoker, or secret smoker, because the periods of abstinence make the illusion of relief so much stronger. It makes the occasional cigarette special. 

Smokers tend to forget that they don't really enjoy smoking when they are in the act. When they are smoking, they can't wait for it to be over. When they are not smoking, they want one for relief. They are forever unsatisfied and stressed. 

Allen observed that it only takes very little time for a new smoker to forget what was it like to be free. They forgot this new normal wasn't their old normal at all. They do notice the difference between a 6 and a 4 -the itch that they can't really seem to scratch. The 10 is an illusion, and because the body develops tolerance to nicotine over time, it takes more and more cigarettes to get back to 6. 

Cigarette constantly suppresses oxygen level in the blood, which makes the skin dull and lifeless because of the clogging and lack of oxygen in the capillaries. The coughing and flu also make it hard to sleep well.  

Sadly, because this has become the new normal for smokers, they endure it instead of recalling how they used to feel before smoking. Change is hard. We tend to accept the new normal instead of making a change. 

Amazon reviews: 

"I stumbled upon this book from Allen Carr. I read it with the utmost skepticism until the very end. Then it finally sunk in...What he was saying MADE SENSE! I extinguished my final cigarette on August 11th 2014 and have not had one since! I have no desire to smoke NOR do I even ever really think about it. I am amazed! Its like magic. Think about go from almost 2 packs a day to zero?? Seems crazy! But it worked... thank Allen Carr "

It is the brainwash

The reason why people keep smoking despite the sad situation and the lack of real withdrawal pain is because they are under brainwash. We all have seen characters given their last smoke before they die in movies, the cigarette after a meal or sex, the look of relaxation on the movie smoker create an association of smoke and pleasure in our subconsciousness.

When the brainwash is reinforced by the feeling of getting back from 4 to 6 when a smoker light a cigarette, it cemented the mental addiction. 

The truth is most of the times the smoker doesn't even get back to 6. You only get that special feeling when you endure a period of abstinence. This is why smokers tend to cherish the first cigarette in the morning, and the one after a long meal. 

This is not the end of brainwash. There are also reverse psychology, false sense of deprivation, and nostalgia.

Reverse Psychology and nostalgia

If I tell you to stop imagining a neo green whale, what would you do? You would imagine a neo green whale. This is reverse psychology. Allen Carr calls resisting smoking with willpower the Willpower method.

It won't work. It will only magnify the urge to smoke. The more you fight something in your mind, the more power you give to it.

The best way is to simply observe the urge and do nothing. No response no inner dialogue. Just pure observation. It will quickly fade away. 

Forbidden fruits always appeal to our dark impulse. When you smoke, you feel cheated because there is no satisfaction, but when you are deprived of a smoke, you imagine something special about it.

This is why you have to stop seeing quitting as a sacrifice. There is only gain in becoming smoke free. The mind can play trick to us if we see it as a sacrifice. There will forever be a whispering voice telling us we are missing out if we don't change this perspective. 

I probably lied when I said "No inner dialogue". Feel free to tell yourself, "Ha I have not lost a thing at all. I am feeling so much better now. No more suffocation and stress" 

Once you stopped smoking, you might be tempted to anticipate failure. You might be counting days before you fall off the wagon. This is bad. Don't anticipate an event that is not supposed to happen, because anticipation creates stress and obsession around this fear, which gives it power. You don't want get suck back into the obsession with resisting and fighting against it with willpower. 

If you find it too easy to quit, you might take it for granted. Don't forget that nostalgia will make smoking seems better than it was. The mind will imagine it to be good times, even though it was not. Relapse can happen if you think one smoke won't hook you back into it. 

Just Dive in

To finally say good bye to smoking, a smoker needs to fully dive in. Fear keeps a lot of smokers from making the decision because they imagine it to be weeks of torture. When I read reviews on Amazon, most people just quitted and didn't feel any pain. The stronghold of smoking in their head is dismantled and they realize they don't have to smoke at all. 

Do not gradually cut down. This is a pitfall, because it will only make the few cigarettes you allow yourself to smoke more precious. 

Don't listen to doctors when they say how hard it would be, and how nicotine change your brain forever. This unnecessarily makes quitting so much harder because it put you in the willpower mindset. 

Read the book because it will help you effortlessly quit as you read it. Somehow it will happen when you don't notice. You are allowed to smoke while you read it. The process will just subtly takes place as you passively read through it. 

"You don't have to be committed to quit for it to work. I was reading the book because I knew I could smoke while I was reading it. I did not even want it to work.

After I read the last page, I put out what I didn't know was my last cigarette. At that time I was like "Let see what happen tomorrow". Tomorrow came and I did not want a cigarette and it has been that way every day since. Reading Alan's book removed my desire to smoke it is like hypnosis. I could not be more thankful or more grateful."

Next, does hypnosis help you quit smoking? Stay tuned. 

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