How To Beat INsomnia

You learn how to beat insomnia by first finding out reasons for insomnia. There are simple tests you could do to find out what caused your insomnia. Most of the time you could sleep better by simply slowing down the pace and reducing stress. 

Don't forget that quit smoking tobacco or marijuana can improve quality and length of deep sleep. I know some people cannot sleep without tobacco or marijuana, but with proper supplement they too can quit and learn to sleep without addictions. 

Knowing the importance of slowing down has been a powerful lesson for me. It was hard for me to accept that I don't have to do ten things at once. It is a fool's errand. Multitasking is overrated and the best time management books advice against it. When I deliberately slow down, I sleep better and my productivity actually soar. 

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is under-diagnosed and many people don't know they have it. Make sure you know your problem with insomnia is not compounded or caused by sleep apnea, by doing a sleep apnea test.

Diet and Insomnia

Next you want to look at your diet. Do you have any hidden food allergy? Is your body under stress because of too much sugar? Are you addicted to caffeine? Is your blood sugar fluctuating too much? If you are eating too much junk foods, or not eating enough nutritious foods, you put your body under stress and it would cause insomnia. See my article Adrenal Fatigue Diet to see how I fixed my insomnia problem with a simple diet plan. 

I had been struggling with sugars. I had tried to cut out sugary foods many times, but without success. Recently I was finally able to curb sugar craving. I also cut out the grains. Cutting out grains serves many purposes. First, grains contains toxins such as phytic acid, which is anti-nutrient and takes away minerals from bone and teeth. Second, some grains are highly sugary! Third, grains cause inflammation for a lot of people with a weak digestive system.

This is why ancient grain preparation was meticulous and complex. It had to be. Many cultures have numerous ways to process grains and carefully combine them with other foods to avoid health issues. 

That explains why we have an epidemic of gluten allergy. Maybe actual problem is the careless way we prepare grains in modern days.

If you cut out all grains, and sleep better as a result, then you know you have "allergy" of grains.

How did I curb my sugar craving? By eating fermented foods! Some cultured foods are super tasty! I never knew because I thought fermented foods were artificial, heavily processed, and not fresh. Now I have tried more variety of fermented foods, I knew I was missing out. 

I have tried many diets, but ultimately I found out that the best diets come with traditional recipes. Diet isn't high school chemistry. We cannot isolate one food as the ultimate super food. We need to consume foods in calculated combinations and apply different means to cook. For example, I never knew that raw vegetables aren't always healthier than cooked. Most vegetables should in fact be cooked, juiced, or pureed to avoid inflaming the gut. 


Someone taught me to exercise in the morning before eat or drink. It worked! It totally fixed my sleep schedule. I was able to sleep at night and wake up early in the morning. It worked better than caffeine. 

In general, every other day I need to break light sweat with moderate exercises, otherwise I would slow down (involuntary) and not be able to focus. 

It was important to sweat because sweating is one major way to detox and unstress. When the cortisol (stress hormone) and toxins sweated out of my body, I feel much lighter.

For people with fatigue, for whatever reason, it might be hard to keep up with an exercise schedule, even if that means every other day or few days. However, exercise can temporarily alleviate fatigue and break the wrong sleep schedule, so it still has an important place with your plan to beat insomnia.

Sleep Aids and Supplements

Although I believe you can get all your nutrient need from diet, in crisis mode you need supplements, equipments, and herbs to help your overloaded system to get back to health. Once you are able to figure out the correct combinations of foods and recipes your body need, and your system is back to balance, you won't need supplements anymore.

Click image to see reviews

Most people are deficient in magnesium. People report instant relaxation and better sleep since they start taking magnesium supplement. It can even relieve and prevent migraine headache. 

The item on the left is applied on the skin. The body absorbs the magnesium through osmosis. In my opinion, this is the best way to get magnesium while keeping the balance the calcium to magnesium ratio just right, because the body only absorb the amount it needs, not more, not less. 

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I am a side sleeper. It took me many years to find the right pillow- the buckwheat pillow. With my pillow sleep is heavenly! It actually alleviate my sleep apnea symptoms. This pillow on your left balances both comfort and support. It is recommended by chiropractors for the spinal support.  It keeps your airway unobstructed! Also, buckwheat is hypoallergenic so unlike chemical laced pillows, it doesn't have out gassing problem.

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For people who have pains issues, injuries, or obstructive sleep apnea, the hospital bed on your left can help you find the best sleeping position.

For people with sleep apnea who are not side sleeper, lifting the head side of the bed up could help you breath during sleep. See this snippet of review:

"I'm seventy two and my body don't work like it should I can't sleep flat anymore or I get cramps bad, since I've got the bed not one cramp. Very happy good investment. Very good seller."

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