HOw to quit smoking marijuana

We all have addictions of some sort, whether it has physical withdrawal symptoms or not. The main obstacle isn't the pain we have to go through when quitting, but the psychological addiction. What we are actually addicted to is the chase of an illusionary state. The altered state marijuana promises to give is an ever elusive price you can never get. It is like a itch you cannot scratch away. 

We can only truly be free when we realize that the ultimate state we are after is the addiction free state- alert, relaxed, engaged, ambitious... 

We can only be free when we know the price isn't actually there. 

Most of the time, the "high" get further and further away from the stoners because our bodies develop tolerance. 

It doesn't matter, because it is not the "high" that get you addicted. It is the "difference in state" that keeps you addicted. Pleasurable feeling alone doesn't get people addicted, otherwise we will all be addicted to the same pleasurable things like making money, eating ice cream, having sex, etc.  

We are addicted to the "change" that marijuana creates. The mind is deceived when we go from bad to okay, because the mind thought we are on the way to good and then great. 

Like Tobacco, marijuana takes away. It gives you a permanent uninspired, unfocused, depressed, insomniac, and low appetite state. The more you smoke weeds they more you need it to chase away this unpleasant state, then you run out of money, and then you spent days trying to quit or hold back. A lot of time will be spent on quitting, holding back, failing , and thinking how to quit. 

Most ex-stoners succeed in quitting because they didn't try. What do I mean? They just somehow pass that stage like it is an non-event. Those who deliberately try to quit, however, often fail. 

It is when you realize the price you are going after doesn't exist, that you can finally quit. Read How Do I Quit Smoking for further clarification, because quit smoking cigarette is just as hard, if not harder, than smoking weeds. 

Minimize physical withdrawal with supplements

I am not a stoner but I still suffer common symptoms a weed quitter can suffer. A lot of people who have chronic depression, fatigue, ADHD, and other chemical or hormonal imbalance can suffer similar symptoms without smoking or quitting weeds. 

What I am saying is withdrawal symptoms alone shouldn't make you feel like you have to relapse. If you treat quitting as a non event, and accept those symptoms like, say, an ADHD person does on a daily basis, then nothing can make you think about marijuana at all. 

It all comes back to mindset. A zen like mindset allows you to observe your symptoms without giving them power. Very quickly every symptom will pass like water off duck's back. 

Having said that, there are supplements that can help you be calm and happy. Here is a list of withdrawal symptoms and later I will list supplements that counter them. 

  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of appetite
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue

The supplements I listed are universally helpful for better sleep quality and well being. Modern lifestyle makes it impossible for us to absorb all we need from diets alone. Even non-stoners or sufferers of other disorders and diseases find these product beneficial. 

"For about 10 years now I have suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks. So, of course, I have sought helps from doctors for treatments, but, as one would expect, their only solution was to throw every kind of medication at me that they could think of, including some very heavy narcotics. So as time went on I decided to stop trusting doctors and rather opting for a more natural treatments for my issues. Although this natural course has been a bit of a trial and error one, I have found that a high intake of standard and complex vitamins have been very beneficial, including Vitamin C."

" I bought this oil because I have a long lists of issues this can help me with. It provides relief for sore muscles & Joints, Arthritis, Headaches, Migraines, Muscle Spasms and Cramps, Insomnia, and stress induced sleep deprivation. All these I needed help with.

I felt relief half an hour or so after applying this oil. " 

"I take an oral pill forms of magnesium everyday to help with anxiety, fatigue, muscle spasms, and muscle cramps. But this didn’t stop the horrific, painful charley horse that would creep up on me as I fall into what I think would be my deep, peaceful sleep. Sometimes, these leg cramps are so severe, I will be sore for days.

Anyhow, this magnesium topical oil is a godsend! Since I have been rubbing this oil over my calves before sleep, I haven’t suffered a charley horse episode. (knock on wood) Thank goooodness. Just not having to live in fear of charley horse makes me infinitely thanksful"

"My brain no longer feels mushy! Since I've started taking this my memory and energy level have improved."

"My Naturopath doctor recommended this for menopause, arthritis, and brain fog. Since I have been taking I have more energy and mentally feel focus and sharp."

"I took two capsules last night and feel great today. When I was less dedicated to taking this my health would clearly be affected. When I take it I have more energy and am at ease which makes me think I can do anything, but when I don't I feel clumsy and tired I don't feel like doing things. "

"I love this stuff, I take it in the morning first thing. I can feel myself waking up and wanting it. I have tons of energy all day long and can feel my body humming off of it!"

"Absolutely the "real deal" for energy boost and overall vitality. Its been well known that B vitamins taken routinely have a strong influence on keeping the stress hormones "at bay" so to speak. I work in a fast paced and hectic medical environment at a trauma center so you can imagine what comes through the doors daily. B vitamins in the morning gives me the edge I need to be at my best!! I highly recommend"

"One day I was looking at a TV commercial (PBS) and there was one Dr. Talking about the different ADD types and one of them fit my "situation" (overthinking things, obsess the same thought for days or months, constantly being concerned about stupid thing, etc) and I started looking what they would recommend for this situation and found this Gaba thing (i don't like to take medicines at all) and bought a bottle of it. I took two per day. I kept taking them without paying too much attention to it and then one day I realized that I was happy. I know, it sounds stupid, but to me that doesn't happen often or without a reason. I was just happy with no reason, great days! I was kind of curious and I stopped taking the pills....After a couple of days, the old me came back, every little problem was huge in my head so I went back to the pills again. Happy again... coincidence? I repeated the same thing several times just to be positive about this and now I KNOW when I don't take them, the wife bring them to me immediately in the mornings."

"This works well for me. I take it as needed when my mind is swimming with thoughts. It really helps me calm down and go to sleep. Doesn't make me feel drugged at all either."

"This is truly the best product I have EVER used to break up mucous in the sinuses. I am constantly battling sinus because of thick mucous that will not drain, which causes sinus infections and then bronchitus. After 25 years of expensive medical treatments that never worked (tons of money on mucinex expectorant which doesn't really work), I finally was told about this product by an owner of a large herbal shop in my area. This past April, on the verge of a fourth bout of bronchitus in less than a year, I was desperate. And not wanting to take a fourth dose of strong antibiotics, I went to the herb shop. After taking this product, along with 1000 mg vitamin C and a good quality probiotic, I woke up the next day with absolutely no congestion. None. I could not believe it! I've been taking it ever since"

" I have been much stressed with the holidays, work and dealing with a teenage daughter. It has been difficult to get restful sleep. That was until I tried 5-HTP. 5-HTP helps support a positive mood, controls appetite, and promotes natural sleep by increasing the production of serotonin. I have been taking 5-HTP for about a week now. I take 2 capsules, the recommended dosage, after dinner. I have found that my stress melted away, my mood improved, and by bedtime, I am fully relaxed and fall asleep fast."

Leave your findings or questions below. 

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