how to stop teeth grinding

There are many potential causes for teeth grinding. To stop it you simply need to address each cause. The good news is people have been reporting success in stoping bruxism (teeth grinding) by doing so and you can too if you follow their examples. 

When you stop teeth grinding, you are not just saving your teeth, but also preventing a host of health problems and improving your quality of life (especially in sleep). 

Here are the usual causes of bruxism:

  • Sleeping disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea
  • Bad bites, malocclusion, crowded teeth
  • Having too much coffee or caffeinated foods
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Smoking
  • Too much anxiety and stress
  • Irregular sleeping schedule due to shift work, or delay sleep phrase syndrome
  • Medication such as SSRIs, stimulants, amphetamines
  • Gluten intolerancefoods allergies
  • Minerals deficiencies
  • IBS, leaky gut, celiac diseases, acid reflux, digestion problems
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Vitamins deficiencies

How to reverse bruxism

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and Teeth Grinding

One of the main reasons why people grind their teeth is because they are suffocated during sleep. Teeth grinding opens the airway to allow the suffer to grasp for air. The ultimate cure for those who are suffering OSA due to narrow airway of the sinus can be remedied by expanding their bite size. See below. 

Bad Bite, Crowded Teeth, Malocclusion

Your bite can limit the size of your sinus, which may cause suffocation when you sleep as the muscle along your airway relaxes and collapses causing OSA and teeth grinding. Osteopathic dentist can help sufferers of bad bites to form an optimal shape and size for their bite by using gentle devices that stimulate new jaw growth and cranial adjustment. The result of that is better than traditional brace because it is less invasive and more cranially harmonized than cookie cutter style invasive braces. 

This also eliminate jaw pains, TMJ, crooked teeth, body pains, migraine, and many other conditions that bad bite can cause. Your bite is connected with your overall being. In fact, professional athletes use sport mouthguard to enhance their sport performance

A testimony from

"I had a very bad problem with teeth clenching, which would wake me up in the morning with jaw pain. I also had severe TMJ and misaligned jaws. It was fixed when I had braces from the age of 44 to 47. Since then I started using a mouthguard. Still have it, but don't need it anymore, because I have stopped clenching after I've started going gluten-free. It took me a year on the gluten free diet before it stopped though. 

Also I have been taking vitamins, minerals, desiccated adrenal, desiccated thyroid, and it was when I started taking those that my clenching started getting better. It shows that I might have undiagnosed celiac disease, because that would explain my adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism.  "

Too Much Coffee or Caffeine, Alcohol, or Tobacco 

Coffee and tobacco are stimulants to the muscles, which make you grind more often and intensively. Both alcohol and caffeine decrease level of minerals in your body, because both draw minerals from your body and expel them through urination. They also prevent absorption through other destructive process. 

With mineral deficiencies you will have weak bones and teeth, causing more teeth grinding because the muscles lack the minerals needed to relax. 

Anxiety and Stress

Stress depletes minerals and causes inflammation which counters every remedy that otherwise would stop bruxism. A stressed body doesn't heal. You need to relax to let the body absorbs the supplements that help stop bruxism. 

One way I calm myself down and sleep better is drinking a cup of water with ascorbic acid powder (Vitamin C) and Gaba powder (amino acid good for the brain) mixed in it. 

Food Allergies and Intolerance

You want to try elimination diet to see if avoiding certain foods such as gluten helps you sleep better and stop teeth grinding. Many anecdotal testimonies and new research studies are linking celiac and gluten with sleep problems such as sleep apnea and bruxism. 

Testimony from

" I want other to know what I've experienced. I had been diagnosed with sleep apnea for three years. Since I learned I had sleep apnea there were major improvements in my health due to cpac, but still had some issues. I kept digging and found out I have Celiac. I have put on gluten free diet for over 2 months now and since then numbers on my apap machine have been steadily improving. The average pressure has gone down to 7 from previous 9-10. The AHI numbers have also decreased to less than 3. For three years that I have been using the machine this never happened. The improvement can only be explained by my avoidance of gluten. My sleep time also lengthened. "

gaba for teeth grinding

Customer Reviews from

"I passed on my sleep issues to my children. I have never been able to sleep well due to my hyperactive mind and very vivid dreams. I sleep walk and thrash around. My two sons have inherited the same thing. 

My uncle is a psychologist, and recommended Gaba. He and his wife take it daily for sleep. 

My sons did some research and decided to try. 

My eldest son has a nasty problem with teeth grinding, due to stress from college. He has chewed through 2 night guards. Since taking Gaba, he has been sleeping much better and hasn't needed a new guard as of yet. 

My youngest just started high school and like my wife he suffered anxiety issues, which doesn't allow him to sleep well. Since taking Gaba every night, he is sleeping very well now. " -Lord Dreamweaver 

Natrol 5-HTP Time Release Tablets

Customer Reviews on 

"This product has made a big difference. I grind my teeth every night, but for the past 6 nights since i have been using this my teeth grinding stopped, according to my wife. It deserves a 5 star review just for that. My anxiety has reduced but not 100%. I have better mood in a noticeable, non placebo way. I hope its benefit doesn't fade away like common prescription drugs. But its natural so I am optimistic." -KL

Magnesium to stop bruxism 

Customer reviews on 

"My husband has onset of dementia, anxiety, and insomnia. He was tested with magnesium deficiency. I spray the oil on his feet to avoid skin sensitivities. For the first 8 days I didn't see a difference, but after that he started becoming less anxious and sleeping better. Everyday he is getting better. 

When I started using it on myself I noticed that I have not been grinding my teeth since. I have always been a teeth grinder. It is relieving my tension. My jaw, teeth, and gums are not sore every morning anymore."  -Janet J

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