Lyme Insomnia

When you have lyme and lyme insomnia, you have probably gone through many misdiagnoses and prolonged antibiotic treatments. To make it simple, give your body anti-bacterial supplements. If your insomnia is caused by a lyme infection, don't just target the symptoms, but target the source by killing the lyme bacteria.  

Most people with infection think of antibiotic, but do you know there are more effective supplements that kill the bad bacteria? 

Be aware of antibiotic, because it kills the good bacteria as well as the bad ones, which leaves you vulnerable to infection down the road from other bad bacteria or yeast. Beside, bacteria adapts to antibiotic fast. If the first course of antibiotic doesn't do the job, it might never do the job as bacteria develops resistance. 

Borrelia Burgdorferi, the bacteria that causes lyme infection, is very good at hiding. It can hide in deep tissues, cartilage, cells, and biofilm, where antibiotic is hard to reach. It can stay dormant until antibiotic leaves the body. 

To eliminate the infection, you need a multi-pong approach.

Here I am listing natural products that can reach and kill lyme bacteria where antibiotic cannot. 

biofilm disrupter

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Many people with lyme disease have been suffering it for years because the bacteria is hiding under biofilms. Biofilm is formed by many microorganisms sticking to each other they secret a protective hard cell over the colony, which shelters them from antibiotic. 

As long as the biofilm is left untreated, the infection will remain and eventually develop resistance to antibiotics.

You need a treatment that disrupts the biofilm, or the effort is vain. users reviews:

"I'd been using this for Lyme biofilms. These enzymes consistently relieve pain. I now take them 3 times a day. These were the best price I've seen."  -Whole Grain Fan

"Klaire Labs InterFase Plus 120 vcaps (2Pack) ...arrived surprisingly fast!

This product is amazing - I bought it to dissolve the biofilm for the Lyme bacteria hiding in my body - After taking three bottles, a 2X2cm bone spur was completely dissolved! And the broken blood vessels from the Lyme co-infection seem to get "eaten up" by this product - This product is wonderful! " -Martinkaton

Natural antibiotic

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"I have done the whole many antibiotics for many months, but with my late stage lyme infection I felt so crappy even when I added a very aggressive natural treatment. My immunity got weaker and it felt like forever since I had any energy. I did a lot of research and finally came across this. Out of desperation, I gave it a try. I started off slow with no herx symptoms. I built up to three scoops a day, and that was when I rediscovered my lost energy! I no longer needed to sleep all day. I started to see friends again and got my OCD to cleaning back. I started feeling better than I had for 11 months I had been sick. I had used it for a month before I knew it was definitely what made the difference. I don't love the price but I am willing to pay for it because it makes me feel better. I am not cured yet. I still have some bad days. But this gives me hope. I combine it with turmeric, and oregano oil, which have saved my life." Jennifer Pollitt

bentonite clay for detox

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Bentonite clay is a very gentle detox agent that you can apply on your feet or spine to draw toxins out of the body. When lyme pathogens die off, you want to help the body gets rid of the waste product. 

Here are some user reviews from 

"I got this for my lyme infection and the result has been impressive. I rubbed the mud along my spine as that is where the bacteria congregates. I also gave myself nice facials at the same time. I had the clay on my spine, face, and neck for about 30 minutes and then showered it off. I looked in the mirror and could see deep red areas at the top of my spine but the rest of my spine looked normal. The lymph nodes under my ears were very red as well. These areas happen to be where toxins are concentrated so I was pleased to see that it was working and plan to use it bi weekly. My face also became nice and soft as a bonus benefit." -Sandy Tremp

"Made my skin look so good, but also caused a bit die-off as it also treats lyme infection, so I used it on my feet to pull toxins out. I seemed to have more energy for a couple of days" -Kara Dean

Traditional antibiotic- Silver

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"This really helps me stay healthy as I have immune deficiency. Whenever I feel like something is wrong I up my doses, and it would go away. I have lyme, chronic fatigue, and recurring, horrible sinus infection that often spread to my ears and cause terrible pain. I live in Northwest Oregon, which is one of the worst places for allergies and infectious diseases, and silver is the only thing that stands between me and the bad stuff. I once suffered a sinus and ear infection so bad that it won't heal and totally debilitated me for weeks. After three doses of antibiotics, which I always try to avoid, I started to use silver and got well! I also used silver nasal spray. I am convinced!" -Deborah Dejean

probiotic to protect you from antibiotic

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"This probiotic is great. I was diagnosed with lyme disease and prescribed Doxycycline and I knew I had to replenish my healthy bacteria or it could be bad. I chose Deep Immune because of the high level of CFU. I am extremely sensitive to antibiotics and was worried about the side effects from the Doxy. I started the medicine 2 days before receiving the probiotic, and it caused extreme nausea and digestive discomfort. Within days of taking this probiotic I felt a remarkable improvement. I take one capsule twice a day an hour after taking the antibiotic and the nausea disappeared. The gas problems also disappeared. I used to get a yeast infection every time I took antibiotics, but this time I didn't. This is the first time in years I have some relief due to my sensitive gut, so I will continue to take it even after the antibiotic" -Shannon32813

"I was so impressed with this product. In 2010, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. My immune system was weakened. A big priority of my treatment is trying to maintain gastrointestinal health, which is almost impossible when trying to kill the lyme and co-infections. Over the years I have tried many probiotics without much luck. This time with Dr. Tobias Deep Immune Support I was beyond impressed. I started seeing result after just three days. Every Dr. Tobias products I have tried was helpful." -Cynthia D. Woodward 

more testimonies for lyme insomnia

Also, read comments from the Facebook group, Lyme Disease Awareness, regarding Lyme Insomnia. 

"Acupuncture helped me SO MUCH more than anything i smelled or ingested. took a few months but changed my sleep from 1-3 hrs a night to 9 :D good luck " -Anna Talbott <"'"

"I've tried almost every natural remedy. In my personal experience with lyme the only thing that made any significant improvement to my sleep was starting antibiotic regiment. As soon as I started doxycycline sleep dramatically improved. My belief is that the body finally gets to rest from constantly fighting the bacteria. It's just my own theory. I've also tried low dose of xanax which didn't help and was very strict on diet. To me the underlying issue needs to be addressed which is lyme rather than just addressing symptoms." - Dan Kim

"My mom had bad insomnia, and for a while I was mixing her up lavender, and a sleepy time mix of essential oil and she said it helped her dose off. We used a diffuser for it" -Jessica Murley

"Avoid gluten, lactose and sugar and pain will go away" -Elaine Houston Murray

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