Milk Protein allergy and sleep

When I was an infant, my parents were told by my paediatric doctor that I was allergic to milk. I was prescribed soy formula, which was also bad in other ways, because soy is toxic. Maybe this was why I was cursed with ADHD as a child. 

For many other people, the damage from milk might not be ADHD, but it could be IBS, reflux, migraine, leaky gut, autism, allergies, acne, etc. Milk allergies cause different conditions in different groups of individuals, based on their unique body chemistry. 

It doesn't make sense. Humans were evolved to consume human milk. For many centuries we could also digest cow milk, so why all of a sudden did many of us become allergic to milk?

Turns out the problem we have with conventional, pasteurized milk come from its dangerous ingredients, such as gluten, type A1 casein (an inflammatory protein found in grain fed, hormone laced cows, which are genetically bred to produce high volumes of milk for industrial milk producers), growth hormones, and other additives.

A lot of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, pains, mental illnesses (dementia, depression, bipolar), sleep disorders, and more are caused by inflammation. The growth hormone in milk causes an overgrowth of cells, which can lead to cancer. By eliminating grain fed milk, many people have dramatically improved their health. 

Most importantly, you get to improve your sleep quality when you get rid of your milk allergy. 

grain fed milk vs grass fed milk

Grain fed milk tends to have high amount of A1 casein, which has been associated with ill health, while grass fed milk has mainly harmless A2 casein, with little A1. 

Interesting fact: industrialized farms mostly use the Holstein breed for milk production, while real milk farmers tend to use the Brown Swiss, Guernsey, and Jersey breeds, which are more efficient at turning grass into milk and are more resistant to diseases.  

Small, local farms that produce grass fed milk have a easier time keeping their equipment clean, and pastured cows are happier and healthier than industrial dairy cows. This is why grass fed milk does not share the need for pasteurization with grain fed milk. 

Pasteurization alters the good proteins in grass fed milk. Pasteurized, industrialized milk is just a dead soup of pus and blood coming from sick cows. 

Some people, from countries such as New Zealand who used to enjoy raw milk, develop health problems with grain fed milk when they settle in North America. It goes to show the dangers of grain fed milk.

For mothers who breast feed their babies, gluten can pass through their breast milk, and cause digestive problems in their babies. Whatever your baby is allergic to, remove it from your diet if you are breastfeeding. 

"In my experience this is far better than infant formula. There are no added minerals or high fructose corn syrup. It is pure goat milk. My infant son does very well with this. It is like a miracle when his allergy just stopped right away when I gave him this" 

"My daughter developed a very bad skin condition with eczema. We did allergy testing and found out she was allergic to cow milk, soy, and egg. This made it impossible for us to find the right formula for her. She couldn't take anything other than breast milk. So I became a vegan and completely soy free.

It was good until we had to wean her. Finally we found out about goat milk and gave it a try. Well, she loves it! It tastes great. Highly recommended!"

"This book takes you through the entire history of milk. It explains every outbreak in details and debunked many myth about raw milk.

I drink raw milk everyday and I can swear by its benefits. As for lactose intolerance, well, my friend is "lactose intolerant" but he can drink raw milk daily with no issue. He just can't handle the commercial, dead, sterilized, toxic milk. "

how i drink raw milk

The first time I drank raw milk I had  diarrhea... Wait, don't worry, I can explain. 

I quickly learned after that, that you are not supposed to drink milk cold. When you drink raw milk, you swish it in your mouth until it mixes with saliva and becomes warm. 

Since I started doing this, I can drink raw milk everyday with no problems. The saliva helps break down the ingredients in milk. It is an important part of the digestion process. 

It is difficult to get certified organic raw milk. I have to drive all the way to the New York state from Toronto to visit an Amish farm to achieve this feat. 

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