Natural cure and treatment for Narcolepsy sleep disorder 

Is narcolepsy a lifelong sentence? The medical industry might think that way. It also happens to be profitable to keep every disease and disorder manageable but incurable. Reports of self directed healing from narcolepsy wasn't easy to find, but I did it! 

Let me first explain where narcolepsy come from.

Narcolepsy is an autoimmune disease. Like many autoimmune diseases, it can be reversed by calming down the autoimmune attack to the part of the brain that keeps us awake. 

Vaccine causes Narcolepsy

In the United Kingdom, the government was being sued for swine flu vaccination that had caused brain damage to hundreds of children and medical staff since the swine flu outbreak in 2009, which resulted in narcolepsy. The vaccine, Pandemrix, contains high level of thiomersal, which is made of enthylmercury, a very poisonous environmental and neurological toxin. 

People who, for whatever reason, have high level of mercury in their system, can develop autoimmune diseases. There is no telling which specific disease it will manifest into. For some people, the consequence of heavy metal poisoning is narcolepsy. 

Heavy metal poisoning can be treated with chelation. 

Your gut flora and autoimmune diseases

Foods allergies and inflammation often come from a leaky gut. When the health of the gut is compromised by factors such as heavy metals poisoning, parasite, sugary diets, processed foods, yeast infection, harmful bacteria flora, medication, or gluten sensitivities, it can cause leaky gut. Toxins pass through the barrier of a leaky gut, get into the blood, and travel to the brain. 

The gut and the brain have intimate connections through neurotransmitters. The condition of your gut determines your mental health, hormones, and immunities. 

This is why a healthy gut could reverse narcolepsy.

"I am a 25-year-old female college student diagnosed with narcolepsy at 17. At the time of my diagnosis, I weighed 189lbs (5’5″ tall). I was overweight, but not obese. After starting drug therapy for my narcolepsy (e.g., stimulant medication), I quickly lost 30-lbs in 3 months putting me at 159lbs. My weight-loss spurred an interest in diet/exercise and I stumbled onto a Ketogenic diet. I decided that I would be an ideal candidate for a ketogenic diet being that narcolepsy is commonly considered ‘neurological disease’ (actually an autoimmune disease, but I didn’t know that at the time) so I tried it.

I saw a remarkable improvement in my symptoms almost immediately: I had more energy, I was in a better mood, my blood sugar was stable, my appetite controlled itself, my skin was glowing without a trace of acne, my vision improved, I lost an additional 15 pounds, and my hair grew 6 inches in 4 months. I was elated."

Few years into the ketogenic diet, this girl developed some health issues, which prompted her to switch to the Paleo diet. 

"Starting in June this past summer I started eating a strict moderate carbohydrate paleo diet. By the Fourth of July, all of my issues reversed and my period returned."

The straight ketogenic diet helps her eliminate yeast and bad bacteria in her gut, but a prolonged low carb diet isn't the healthiest diet, so by reintroducing moderate carbohydrate into her diet, she nursed herself to full health. 

I would go further to suggest readers to try the Weston A. Price Foundation Diet. 

Some doctors would suggest the elimination diet, which eliminate gluten, diary, and sugars, to avoid inflammation in the gut. My experience tells me it was brutal! Elimination diet is hard! The yeast could literally overtake your mind and make you eat sugar. You would somehow feel like its okay when you are being mind controlled by your gut, and then you suddenly "wake up" and go "what have I done?" later! I wasn't a weak willed person, but it happened to me many times. 

The best way to curb sugar craving is to consume probiotic like kefir, yogurt, or pickles. Blood sugar controls herbs and supplements also help. When the healthy flora replace the bad one, it curbs sugar craving.  

Reverse brain damage

The list below has foods and supplements you need to repair any nerve damage your brain suffers and therefore maximize your chance at fully recover from narcolepsy.

  • Real Butter (grass fed yellow butter)
  • Saturated fat (that it causes heart disease is a myth) 
  • Omega 3 oil from fermented fish oil or flax seed oil (many great reviews on for nerve healing and other benefits)
  • Vitamin B-12 
  • MSM
  • Goat cheese or eggs
  • St. John Wort supplement or tea (nerve repair)

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