Natural cure for uti

You can't have good sleep (or a sex life) if you have recurring UTI. Having UTI coming back to haunt you again and again also indicates something bad in your health you need to address. 

For many people, UTI comes with brain fog, fatigue, and other symptoms that associate with yeast and bacterial infection. 

You can make it all stop once and for all. 

First you want to look into candida overgrowth, because for many people, UTI comes from candida overgrowth. By curing the yeast problem, the UTI is gone as well. 

Second, avoid antibiotic, because it targets both the good and bad bacteria as well, which makes your body vulnerable to future infection of the bad bacteria. Antibiotic quickly loses its effect after you use it for the first time. Mostly likely, some bacteria will adapt and survive, biding its time for the next UTI. 

90% of UTI is caused by E. coli, but 10% is from other bacteria. For E. coli, you need D-Mannose, which is a form of sugar that was clinically proven to fight and kill UTI, by sticking to the E. coli bacterium and carry them out through the urine. 

For other types of UTI, you want to use Lauricidin, because it deals with a host of gram positive bacteria such as Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Corynebacterium, Listeria, Bacillus, and Clostridium. 

Finally, why does UTI come back repeatedly for some people? The answer is biofilm. The bacteria in the urinal tract gradually form a layer of film that traps water, metal, different species of bacteria, and set up shop there permanently. It helps the microorganisms to survive under tough situation. This is where the bacteria hides when they are attacked by antibiotic or other anti-bacteria agents. What you need to get rid of the biofilm is biofilm disruptor, such as Interfase Plus, which, together with D-Mannose and Lauricidin, can once and for all get rid of the infection. Customer Reviews: 

"The first time I caught UTI, I was sent to the ER. Unfortunately, they gave me Cipro and I had to quit using it on day 5. The side effects were overwhelming. A few weeks later, I was experiencing kidney pain on the left side. The doctor said it was muscle pain but the urine test showed UTI. It was back. He gave me Bactrim, which I'd tried only once, because it gave me a 30 hour migraine.The fourth time it happened, my doc was out of town, so I went to a walk-in clinic, and was diagnosed with UTI again. This time they gave me Macrobid. Again I had to quit it because it felt like someone was filleting my stomach from within.

Now let's get to the good part of the story :) When the UTI returned the first time, I was a "low grade staph infection", which was not caused by E. coli (80% of UTI are caused by E. coli) D-MAnnose took away the burning but didn't kill the UTI, so I did some research and found this product.

I followed the instruction- couple pellets per meal and then moving up to four pellets, three times a day. In addition I took a tsp of d-Mannose each morning. I was worried the infection might spread to my kidneys due to a pain near the bladder so I went to the doctor, who took a sample and prescribed doxycycline, which is more tolerable than the other antibiotics. 

They called. The test result was clean. To be safe, they put me on the run of antibiotics, but I knew it was the combination of D-Mannose and Lauricidin that did the job. A month ago the test showed UTI, but this time they can't even detect bacteria in the lab :) I recommend this to anyone who doesn't have an E. coli based UTI, but any UTI caused by other strains. 

I never want to take antibiotic again, but everyone is different. I want to say be sure to ask your doctor, but hey I have been to several. At the end, only supplements delivered." L,King

"My life would have been miserable if D-Mannose didn't exist. 5 years ago I had my first UTI. I took antibiotic and it was cleared up right away with no side effect. Fast forward to six months ago, I got another UTI. The doctor gave me antibiotic, but this time it did not work. I took two round of week long courses of antibiotics, but my bladder still felt bad. The tests said my UTI was cleared though.

The antibiotics threw my hormone off balance. My vagina was extremely dry and burning. I went on premarin cream but I was only 25 yo. I'd started taking D-Mannose for 6 months and my symptoms cleared up. Now I take 2 tablets a day as prevention. When I start feeling the tingle down there I up the dosage for a few days. It works wonder! I will never take antibiotic again. All the pains I went through for months due to the antibiotics side effects could have been avoided. I wish I knew about D-Mannose much earlier" - Yaca

"My candida simply won't go away no matter how long I had been on Candida diet. I lost faith of ever be yeast free. Then I learned about biofilms. They protect the yeast from medications or supplement, which makes it impossible to clear it out. I'd tried enzymes before, but not EDTA. This one contains EDTA and lactoferrin, which finally ripped a holes in the biofilm. I can feel it because some infection was in my lungs and I couldn't breath deeply. Now my lungs are totally cleared up. I can breath deeply now and couldn't be happier. It has been such a long time to heal.

It has been a curse for 30 years, so just one year of healing isn't much in comparison. It took several stages though:

  1. Threelace for the first stage.
  2. Iodoral and selenium
  3. coconut oil
  4. Lactoferrin, Interfase Plus, coconut oil, and chlorella

That seems to be it. The list was what worked for me after having tried so many other things, but everybody is different. Now I am a new person. I can finally think straight, have energy, and feel normal. Soon I will finally be done with the Candida diet and have a glass of Champagne and some Tiramisu." -Jesse124298

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