Natural Cures for sleep apnea

Permanent cure for sleep apnea is cheaper in the long run than the cpap machine. Besides, there are horrible side effects to cpap for some people. 

I am not talking about surgery, which has its shares of problems. I am talking about about completely reversing sleep apnea, which might take up to a year. 

It might sound too good to be true, but it is not some fringe science. In fact, it has existed for decades- a specialty branch of dentistry that utilizes light wire appliance to stimulate expansion of jaws and correct bites, and thus the airway located above the palate, aka nasal cavity.

It is not excessive, rigid, or forceful like the common cookie cutter oral braces promoted by average orthodontic dentists. If dental brace is required, it should only be used for the final stage of jaw expansion in the minimal way just to straighten the teeth without exerting too much forces. Often time, teeth would straighten themselves when there are enough jaw space. 

Some dentists who offer the light wire appliance technologies are not experts. Choose a dentist who is qualified. Moreover, a good dentist specialized in jaw expanding appliances often works with osteopathic experts to make sure patients develop the best, functional facial and cranial structure after the treatments. 

Correct bite by stimulating growth of the palates under the professional care of osteopathic dentistry and cranial adjustment.

what causes sleep apnea

Most people have underdeveloped jaws. If you have to have your wisdom teeth removed, then you would have less space for your airway (and tongue) than was designed by nature. When the nasal cavity is too small, or the tongue runs out of resting place while sleeping, then the airway can be blocked by the relaxed soft tissue of the tongue or throat, which causes sleep apnea. 

You might wonder why most people have their wisdom teeth removed. Does that mean they also have underdeveloped jaws? The answer is a definite yes. 

How come? You ask. The reason is because of malnutrition. It is very difficult to absorb all nutrients you need from modern diets. 

Once you passed puberty, your jaw bones stop growing, and only skillful dentist can non-intrusively and aesthetically stimulates the growth and balance of your facial structure and jaws bones. 

Many people also start developing sleep apnea as they gain weight.

Simply by eating right and on time, you can lose a lot of weight and therefore reduce sleep apnea. For bodybuilders, some can build up too much muscles on the neck, which can cause sleep apnea. They should watch their neck size.

Best way to make broccoli delicious. Make broccoli broth

Children and Sleep apnea

If you have children who are still developing, here is what I recommend to prevent and cure sleep apnea (for children. Even though adults stop growing, they should consider the following suggestion as well for optimal health. 

The best diets I recommend are the Paleo diet or the Weston A. Price Foundation Diet.

If you are a vegetarian or if your children hate broccoli, I highly recommend you and everyone, non-vegetarian included, to boil leafy green and broccoli, and then put the cooked vegetables into a blender to make green broth. You are not supposed to eat every vegetable raw to begin with. Plants contains anti-nutrient to keep predators away and that yucky taste you have to brainwash yourself to love is the taste of their anti-nutrients. This is why children hate raw broccoli! 

In the morning I make raw vegetable smoothies with cucumbers, zucchine, kale, and celery.  They provide slow burning carbohydrates, which stabilizes blood sugar and keep fatigue away.  

Raw milk! I get raw milk from a government certified raw milk provider, an Amish farmer. Each I blend my raw milk with 8 raw, free run chicken eggs. Warm your milk by swishing each mouthful before you swallow to prevent indigestion. This works for me. The saliva and warmth do wonder for milk digestion. I had never been good with milk before until I started using this method. 

Too expensive? 

Both cpap machine and dentistry for sleep apnea might be too expensive in the short run. In comparison, cpap machine has more downside because it doesn't cure sleep apnea forever, and because of its side effects. 

Save some money and spend time on finding the best dentist in your area to cure your sleep apnea problems. Be aware of orthodontic dentists who are only trained to cosmetically straighten teeth. Some of them still remove tooth to fit oral braces. It is a totally different thing than what I recommended. What you are looking for is dentist who stimulate growth of jaw bone to improve cranial and facial structure and harmony. 

Before you save up enough money, there are short term, economic remedies to significantly relieve sleep apnea, without side-effect. 

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