Quick Weight Loss tips 

Your effort to lose weight shouldn't feel like a punishment. Most people fail to lose weight because they are uninformed, not because they didn't punish themselves enough with spartan style fitness regimen and starvation diet. 

Here is the the good news- You can actually lose weight easily if you know what to do. Again. I promise there are no going hungry or painful workout schedule. 

In fact, starvation based diet and excessive fitness plan actually stress out your body and make the fat more difficult to go away. Now you can have permission to let go of guilt and go easy on yourself. 

Let's the tips begin. 

how to Curbs sugar cravings 

I have never been overweight but I had a lingering problem with candida. It never seemed to go away because everything I craved seemed to feed it. Sugar craving is deceptive. There is almost no way to absolutely prevent it because sometimes you don't even realize what you are eating has a high carbohydrate content. 

You know how you can effortlessly cut off sugar craving? Eat pickled foods, yogurt, or take probiotic. You will suddenly feel a sense of peace when you eat lot of pickled foods. The cravings for sugary foods, fast foods, and processed foods will suddenly go away. 

This might only last for as long as you consume probiotic foods. If you want to abstain from sugary foods for good, you might want to check if you have any candida or yeast problem because bad bugs in your gut can cause you to crave sugar. 

Candida cleanse

Won't it be amazing if you can just take a pill and lose weight? In the past, only scam would claim to help you lose weight with just lazy pills. Now, as we have better nutritional science, you can actually lose weight by taking pills. By killing bad bug in the gut with this pill, you can kill sugar craving, increase metabolism, and cure a lot of other health problems. 

Amazon Review: 

"My husband felt sluggish and tired all the time. I suggested he try a full body cleanse. I started looking and found Jumzu Candida cleanse. He got rid of that belly fat and noticed an increase in energy. He no longer feel tired after lunch. He wakes up fresh and remain alert all day everyday. "

"This is a bottle of magic. It must be manufactured by unicorns. I often have stomachache. I also crave sugar a lot. I feel gross and tired constantly. I probably have candida since I struggle with weight loss and skin problem as well. Since I started taking it I don't get stomachaches anymore. I suffered less grogginess and bloating. I am happy with my low carb diet. No more sugar craving and I am actually losing weight."

Sleep better

Beauty sleep is literally beauty sleep. The better you sleep the less likely you become obese. Sleeping more than 8 hours a night won't help you lose extra weight, but sleeping less than 7.5 hours can cause weight gain due to stress and stimulate production of "hungry hormones", Ghrelin, which makes you crave more sugar and eat more.

I used to suffer from sleep apnea and delayed sleep phrase syndrome, but I learned how to sleep better.

If you were sleep deprived because toddlers are refusing to let you sleep, or dogs are snoring too loud, click the links to read the solutions. 

Apple cider vinegar 

Amazon reviews: 

"I have been taking Braggs ACV for 8 straight months. I repeat. I have been religiously taking 1 or 2 table spoon 2 or 3 times a day for 250 days. Here is my experience.

Before I started my ACV diet I was 210 pounds, 6'2, and 29 years old. I had a spare tire around the waist. I didn't exercise much. Heartburn made me get ACV as remedy. I experienced instant relief and energy boost. I did a little more research and found out it cures a whole list of other ailments. 

So I became curious and gave it a try for a month to see if its for real. Within days I was sleeping better, eating better, and became more energetic. In a few weeks, my wife told me I lost weight. I looked at myself through a full length mirror and saw my old skinny college body! I didn't exercise or change my diet in one bit, just taking ACV. 

I think how it works is it control your blood sugar and therefore sugar cravings. My spare tire is nearly gone and my pants become too big. I keep losing weight slowly and people who only see me every now and then tells me how thin I'm getting. ACV also gets rid of water bloat."

STABILIZE your blood sugar

"I have chronic fatigue but since I had been using this for two weeks I got my energy back. I have lost 7 pounds even though I was struggling to lose weight due to medications. I was trying to eat healthy but failed to lose weight because I somehow ate more than I should. This supplement makes me feel satisfied. I have less appetite now. Since my family has a history of diabetes I think this is a great prevention while helping me to keep my weight down."

Gluten and foods Allergies

Hidden or low grade food allergies cause inflammation and therefore weight gain. Some people stop snoring simply with a gluten free diet. When you don't realize you are eating foods you are allergic to, the hidden allergens can slowly inflame your gut and cause undigested foods particles to enter blood stream, which makes it toxic. 

When your blood stream is polluted with toxins, the body gains weight to contain the toxins and develop many ailments such as sleep disorder, asthma, chronic fatigue, and a whole laundry list of other health problems.  

You may visit doctors and nutritionists who are well trained in food allergies and find out if you have low grade foods allergies. 

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea leads to sleep deprivation. Like I mentioned before, sleep deprivation causes weight gain. Many people have undiagnosed sleep apnea. 

On the other hand, weight loss alleviates sleep apnea. It is either a virtuous cycle or a vicious cycle. 

 To cure sleep apnea, read this. 

Adrenal fatigue diet

Many people would gain weight simply because of stress or eating the wrong foods at the wrong time. By following a common sense, adrenal reset diet plan at regular hours, your system will finally get time to rest and reset itself. 

Since I have followed this plan, I was able to sleep much better. 

This plan also helps many people lose weight. 

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