Reasons for Insomnia

Insomnia, to put it in a positive light, is a gentle way the body is trying to alert you of its health issues. It means a bunch of other issues are developing and they will be coming next should you choose to ignore your sleep quality, which is your first line of defence. It was so me!

I wasn't sleeping well but body check always reported I was in excellent health. Later, I found out my kidneys was under-performing for my age, and my blood pressure was getting a bit too high. 

I wasn't sleeping well but body check always reported I was in excellent health. Later, I found out my kidneys was under-performing for my age, and my blood pressure was getting a bit too high. 

I was shocked because I was eating healthy (I thought) and exercising often. What gives?

Turned out I had been suffering Obstructive Sleep Apnea! (as well as adrenal fatigue, which caused insomnia) 

Reasons for insomnia

Insomnia Side effect

Do not underestimate the side effects of insomnia. Everyday, people with sleep problems die a little because they don't have the motivation and energy to manage life. Often, we see it as a problem of their character. We tend to look for answers from the personal growth section in book stores, instead of understanding the medical factors that are dictating our actions and sabotaging the outcomes.

For example, sleeping disorders are linked to substance abuses because poor sleep causes fatigue, anxiety, and depression. 

People with sleeping disorders also tend to develop more health problems such as mental health disorders, heart diseases, diabetes, ADD, hormonal disorders, headaches, and more.

Socially, it is always a struggle. When your cognitive abilities and energy level are compromised because of poor sleep quality, you will alienate friends and families. I am an example. For my entire life, I have been making friends and losing friends because I couldn't keep up with social obligations, and everything was constantly collapsing people couldn't relate to me. I was often judged and abused by people who couldn't sympathize with my condition. 

How to beat insomnia

Now we know insomnia sucks (I hope you do). People tend to downplay this because they cannot "see" insomnia like they can see other visible handicaps. 

It is easy to beat insomnia if you know the causes of insomnia. I couldn't cover everything in one article, but I could give a few pointers to inspire hope. 

For pains, there are very potent herbal ointments, natural supplement, and tools (such as ultrasound massager) that prove to relieve pains. A good bed and pillow will alleviate pains significantly as well.

For hormonal disorder such as hypothyroidism, you could apply iodine transdermally or consume fish broth. 

Improve digestion and allergic reactions by cutting out grains (gluten), taking gelatin, and probiotic. 

Dental mouth splints have been demonstratively proven to treat Tourettes. A good dental appliance can treat TMJ, migraine, anxiety, and more.  

Non surgical jaw expansion by a skillful orthopaedic dentist (using non intrusive tools such as advanced lightwire functional to stimulate bone growth), combined with the help of a skillful craniopath, could permanently cure sleep apnea and a list of other ailments such as chronic pains. 

To combat chronic stress, here is a long list of proven ideas you could try: adrenal Fatigue Diet, epsom salt bath, herbs, relaxation technique, probiotic, meditation, and exercises. 

Mental health issues such as bipolar often correlates to gut flora and life style. Cultured foods like pickles can replenish the gut with healthy flora and reduce inflammation of the brain, and bring bipolar or other mental health conditions under control. 

It is not complicated at all. People who aren't struggling with insomnia should also adopt the pointers aforementioned to achieve optimal health. This is not just about sleeping well, but improving overall well being and liveing a happy, long life. 

Read How to Beat Insomnia and Ways to get to Sleep

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