How to Stop your dog from Snoring

Pets' health mirrors humans' health. 

45% of dogs in the United States are overweight. That's 35 millions dogs. An obese dog would snore during sleep. When a dog snores too loud, it can keep you from sleeping.   

There are other reasons for dog snoring, such as allergy, fungal infection, medication, dental issue, or sleep position. 

How do you know if your dog snores because it is too fat, or because of its breed? Some breeds have short noses, which can cause problems in breathing. A veterinary can check to see if medical intervention is required. 

When the veterinary tells you your dog is too fat, then you know your dog is too fat! Truth can save a dog life. The first step to improve the quality of your dog's life and yours is acceptance. 

There are ways to minimize dog snoring even if the snoring is due to the anatomical structure of the breed. Now lets look at how to help your dog lose weight! 

High protein high fat diet Low carb

Your dog is a born predator. No matter how cute they look they need meats. They are not evolved to digest grains and plants well. You might add some herbs to their meat balls or canned foods, but in general you want to minimize grains in their feeds, because grains are inflammatory to them, can cause arthritis and weight gain. 

To eliminate snoring and dental issues, you want to give your dogs their natural foods, which are raw meat and bones. Don't cook the bone, because it will splinter and choke your puppy. Raw bones are perfectly fine for dogs! Believe in nature! 

It can seem expensive, but if you go to a local farmer or butcher shop and purchase a lot of frozen beef organs and chicken bones it should save you a lot of money.

With high protein, high fat, and low carb meals, it is more satisfying for the dog and she will has much less begging for foods. You can therefore feed them smaller portions. By doing that, you are saving money from potential trips to the vet. 

Limit foods intake

Make sure you measure how much food you give your dogs. Do not let her eat freely! In nature, dogs and cats have lots of exercise in between each meals.

Like humans, dogs eat when they are bored or stressed, so make sure they only get what they need. 

You could purchase an automatic foods dispenser to control how much foods your pets get. 

To help support this website, I encourage you to use my affiliate link if you do decide to purchase any product I recommend on this site from Doing so will make it possible for me to continue to provide high quality information for free! Thanks! 

This book would help you understand all possible diseases and disorders your pet dog or cat could encounter and offers simple solutions to restore and maintain their health. product review:

"The base recipe calls for ground turkey, vegetables, cooking oil, and oatmeal. It couldn't be easier. I mix it with other bits and cuts of meat, offer fruit for the occasional treat, and the problems my dog previously had have vanished. She used to have gas all the time, and even though I used a meatbased, high end kibble, she threw up on average of about once every two weeks. She been on this diet for months and hasn't thrown up since. She also has more energy (being a Boston Terrier cross, that's a bit scary, really...)"

Trudog is a dog treat made with beef organ meat and meaty bones. Dogs absolutely love it.

"We were feeding Annie, Our 2 yr old rescue pomeranian, a top rated dry kibble which put extra weight on her. .. I heard about Tru-Dog from some Pomeranian info sites and decided to try it since it had a money back guarantee. Tru dog came in small bites she required. We went thru the 7 day adjustment period weaning her off kibble onto Tru-Dog freeze dried raw food with no problems... she licks that bowl clean every time. We could start to see & feel a difference in her fur in a week. She's been on a
TRU-DOG freeze dried raw dog food regiment for 1 month and she is slim, trim, soft furry gorgeous! "

If you don't always have time to prepare raw meat for your dogs, you could still give them high quality, grain free kibble. Some dogs love the crunchy texture. The good thing about kibble is that you could put it in a automatic dispenser and limit the amount of calories your dog consume when you are away. 

"The reduced fat, grain-free Wellness has kept us out of the vets office, and showed us the true personality of our adopted dog. Before we learned of her condition, she was always a little "depressed." She was slow-moving, slept often, didn't play very much, and sometimes ignored her food. She's still one of the cuddliest and laziest dogs I know, but she's so much more playful and energetic after we learned how to treat her! "

To make sure your pets get their feeds on time you want to use PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder. You can program how often and when it dispenses foods. 

Unlike other feeders, this one is unbreakable. No matter how clever your pets are, they won't be able to steal the foods! 

Aromatherapy at night

I can go on about weight loss, but it can take months to see the effect. Before I go back to that, I want to talk about a very effective solution that stops snoring right away- moisturize your doggy with essential oils! 

When the sinus tissue and airway of the dog is moisturized with essential oil or herbal solution, it won't vibrate, which is what causes snoring

With a decent diffuser, you could diffuse essential oil into your room and heal your sinus and airway. By moisturizing the entire airway, the tissues won't vibrate. It works for pets too. 

In bed, all the time we use the lavender or the eucalyptus. It helps me and my husband have a good night sleep. It opens my sinus and helps us breath properly while sleeping. My husband stops snoringwhen I use the eucalyptus essential oil.

I can't go to sleep without one of these scents at night and my sleep has improved so much. My girlfriend also says I'm snoring less when this is on at night so anything that helps her enjoy sleeping next to me is a BIG PLUS. 

I have sleep apnea and the Marjoram worked the first night. My dog stopped snoring, too (Boxer/Shar-Pei)

My husband has had the Marjoram on his nightstand for 6 nights now. I am soooo happy to report that he is now breathing through his nose and not snoring. I now have the best “snore free” nights of our 17 years of marriage. WOW! How impressive! All I can say is YEA!!! Thank you. I’m a believer! (And, our little dog, 10 years old, has also stopped snoring!!!! YES! I am so happy that both are breathing better at night.) Marcie Dixon


Make sure your dog gets enough exercise. If your dog doesn't seem enthusiastic about walking, make sure she doesn't have arthritis or hypothyroidism. The raw food diet and Dr. Pitcairn's book should bring the dog back to full health. 

Kong Stuff-a-ball is a toy that clean dog's teeth as she chews it for the treat hidden inside. You can stuff Trudog treats inside and let your dog play with it all day long. It helps the dog releases stresses when you are away. 

As usual, I recommend this product because it has many great reviews. Make sure you use my affiliate link to search for it on! At no extra cost on your part. 

Every problem is solvable. If you have any more question about sleep, or feel that there is still room for improvement in terms of sleep, make sure you keep following this website for every tip about sleep. 

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