Vitamins for Fatigue- Deficiency epidemic

Vitamins deficiency is one of the most common reasons for fatigue. Most people who are deficient in vitamins did not fail to follow dietary advice, but most dietary advice we get are usually fads because there are too many experts.

Many doctors now agree that fatigue is an indication of gluten sensitivity and disease of the gut. Gluten can make digestion difficult and cause malabsorption. This is why supplements can make a difference for those of us who have a fatigue problem. 

Here is the list of vitamins that contribute to your energy level. 

Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that repairs damage to the cells caused by stress. It strengthens the immunity system and therefore reduces fatigue. The body uses vitamin A to create red blood cell, which carries oxygen and nutrient to body tissues. This is how the body sustains our energy level. 

You cannot get vitamin A directly from vegetables. Our body can convert carotene, which can be found in vegetable, into vitamin A, but we need to eat a lot of vegetable to get the minimum requirement of vitamin A.  

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Although our body can create vitamin A out of carotene, many of us could not because many factors could hinder the conversion process, such as stress, illness, young age, diabetes, digestive issues, over the counter medication, cold weather, and so on. 

The best sources of vitamin A are animal livers, grass fed butter, shellfish, and eggs. 

Do not believe the nay sayers of vitamin A! Synthetic vitamin A (aka retinol) is slightly toxic and bad for fetus, but food based vitamin A is not, unless you take excessive amount (ten times more than the recommended amount- 5000 IU as of writing, is still safe if it is natural vitamin A) for excessive period of time. 

The safest vitamin A supplement is desiccated, grass-fed liver. review: "I have been using this product for 4 weeks now and I have much more energy. I am anemic and was always sleepy and had to take a nap every day. After a few days I noticed that I no longer needed to take naps."

Vitamin B complex is a group of vitamins working together to help the body maintains energy and brain function. Stress, poor diet, and alcohol can deplete them. 

You can easily get vitamin B from a varied and balanced diet. Vitamin B12 is only available in animal products so vegetarians or vegans should take supplement daily.

For people who are too busy to have regular, balanced meals, consider taking the supplement. There are many good customer reviews for vitamin B supplements on

"Sence I have been using their products for about 2 week's now. I have alot more energy, so now I fell so much better. I can finally keep up some with my grandkids." 

"My biggest blessing with this is a noticeable short term energy boost. It's not a spike but a continuous boost for about four hours "

Vitamin C supports the adrenal glands, which release hormones to regulate energy, stress, fat burning, and sleep. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that reverse damages that free radicals can cause to the body and thus slow down aging. 

You can get vitamin C from many fruits or vegetables. It is rare to have severe deficiency in vitamin C, but during times of viral infection, wounds, gum disease, bone fracture, you need high dosage of vitamin C. 

"Felt a lot of benefits, such as better sleep, more energy, and more at ease in general."

"This has been a working option so far, and I have seen improvements in energy levels, as well as an improvement in resilience to contagious diseases."

Vitamin D can treat seasonal affective disorder (winter blue). People who lack exposure to sunlight can become depressed and tired because of vitamin D deficiency. You can get vitamin D from exposure to the sun. 

There are only a few sources of vitamin D in foods such as fish eggs, fish, fish oil, cheese, beef liver, or milk.

I love taking raw eggs with fish eggs and raw beef liver! (don't be scared! Raw beef liver is a delicacy for many cultures. It's a thing)

"after took just one of these I immediately felt better in both mood and energy levels throughout the day."

"I have been taking this for the last few days, and I must say, I do feel a great difference! I don't feel low energy and feel great! I also have a hard time falling asleep at night, but I feel this has helped me also feel tired at the very end of the day. I am not sure if that is a factor they were trying to get, but I enjoy it. I don't end up feeling tired until the very end of the day"

You will get the most out of vitamin A from foods that also have vitamin D and K. The Green Pasture butter oil and fermented cod liver oil blend is a high quality product that provide them all. 

Fish oil can easily go rancid if it doesn't go through fermentation. Green pasture is the only brand that ferment the cod liver oil. 

I personally consume Green pasture's products daily. I have a much higher energy level because of it. Here is a review from

"I love this stuff, I take it in the morning first thing. I can feel myself waking up and wanting it. I have tons of energy all day long and can feel my body humming off of it!"

Vitamin isn't coffee, which boost energy for everyone anytime (doesn't mean it addresses the root problem, which can be bad). You have to experiment to see which vitamin could make a difference in your energy level. Some people lack vitamin B. Some people lack vitamin A. Some lack minerals such as magnesium. This is why sometimes a particular vitamin supplement might not make a difference for some people- because they don't have a deficiency of that particular nutrient to begin with. 

My personal experience on this has been complicated! My diets has been evolving as my knowledge and experience increased. I have experimented with many supplements. Sometimes I stop consuming a supplement, but later resume to it.

Be vigilant! Keep up the good fight in optimizing your health. I know it can feel like a full time job, but its better than relying on doctors, who often couldn't cure you and have little knowledge about nutritions and supplements. 

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