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What you don't know can kill you. Wheat and gluten belong in that category. For those who suffer from celiac disease, the connection with grain and gluten are well documented. However, 99% of people who are allergic to gluten and wheat are not diagnosed. 

For those who don't have celiac disease but still suffer from gluten intolerance, the problem is subtler yet the implications are still quite serious. Some of the symptoms of gluten intolerance are sleeping disorders and fatigue. Personally, I suffer from sleep problems, fatigue, and ADHD, when I eat gluten, conventional dairy, or sugar. It took me too long to find out, and I hope I can save you some time here. 

Modern wheat isn't the wheat our ancestors used to eat. It is a GMO wheat, which is starchier and has higher amounts of gluten, with many odd proteins that human cannot properly digest. This modern wheat has caused a 400% increase in celiac disease over the past 50 years. 

Gluten, starch, and the odd proteins found in wheat are very inflammatory. Inflammation causes many conditions such as diabetes, weight gain, depression, arthritis, chronic pain, and more. If you suffer from any autoimmune disease, calming down inflammation is always the key to healing. 

Even a gluten free diet can be unhealthy if the gluten free products are sugary or starchy. What you want are unprocessed, whole foods such as vegetables, lean proteins, nuts, seeds, and good fats. 

I know how strong the temptation of gluten laced foods are, because gluten and the odd proteins are super addictive, like sugar, which is eight times more addictive than heroine. 

Without further adieu, here are some products that can help with gluten intolerance.  

Supplemental Enzyme 

Amazon.com Reviews

"My gluten sensitivity gives me symptoms such as migraine, muscle and joint pain, anxiety, constipation, bloating, fatigue, restless legs. I have a love hate relationship with gluten. I would be miserable for a whole week if I eat gluten, but without it I miss it. After reading the glowing reviews for GlutenEase, I decided to give it a try. I am willing to pay top price if it means I can eat gluten again. The first day I took two caps and went out for my beloved pizza. For the first 4 days I had been taking it I had no symptoms, so on day 5 I kept testing the limit with a burger. Unfortunately, the good time was over and I got sick. Since then, I only use it when I am unsure if my food is contaminated with gluten. Overall it helps even though it is not a magic pill that allows you to eat gluten happily ever after.'

"I did my own research on gluten and cut it out about a year ago and wow was I gluten intolerant! I have started to feel infinitely better with my digestion, more energetic, and better mood. If you eat gluten, I urge you to find out if cutting it out will improve your health. Gluten is very damaging even for those who don't have gluten allergy or intolerance.

One time I was on a cruise I had to carry a bottle of it because I knew I couldn't be too careful with the delicious foods on the cruise ship. I didn't avoid everything gluten because I just couldn't resist the chocolate cake, the bacons, and cheese...) I tried to order meals that I thought was safe as much as I could, with the peace of mind that came from taking the GlutenEase pills. I didn't experience any symptoms during my time on the cruise but for the whole week after I still felt "heavy". It proves that the pills are great for controlling the symptoms"


"I've noticed a big difference since I started taking 2 pills a day. The issues that have piled up from eating gluten disappeared. I thought it would take 3 months to full heal but this took less than that." 

"I can not believe the improvement that happened since i have been taking this product for about 45 days. I have irritable bowel syndrome, which forced me to eliminate lactose, flour, starch, gluten, and sugars. Probiotic came to my mind around the same time. The result was great. I went from painful stomach aches after every meal to one small discomfort once a week. It definitely works for me, finally, after many years of suffering from food allergies. I wish I had started much earlier" 

"This is an excellent product. I have IBS and gluten intolerance. I no longer have problems with digestion since I've started to use it"

"I notice a difference when I don't take this. I would feel discomfort in the abdomen. It minimizes bloating even while I cheated with gluten- I have gluten intolerance." 


"I had a severe leaky gut two years ago so I started taking it for healing. I could only eat rice and vegetables then if I wanted to avoid any symptom. Now, after an elimination diet and tones of probiotic and glutamine supplements I can eat a lot of things again. I do hope that by taking this I will be able to have gluten, dairy, and corn again (still on a partial elimination plan). It might only be one of the missing pieces, but it does help. It mixes well with water and doesn't have a strong taste."

"My doctor told me to try this for digestion issues. 

I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance a few years back. I would have symptoms if a restaurant was cross contaminated or if I accidentally ate gluten. Every time I fell off the wagon it would take a week for me to recover.

With this product my symptoms cleared up after taking it religiously for a couple of months. If I made a gluten mistake, my body seemed to heal quicker with less severe symptoms. "

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